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10 Movie Review Sites of This Year

Many people depend a lot on movie reviews. While we can always trust Hulustream for access to free movies, we wonder what sites we can rely on for worthy reviews.

10 Websites that Review Various Movies

Today, in Hulustream, we’ll give you out the top 10 movie review sites of the year that will provide you the nice and horrible things you may need about one and another movie.

  1. Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes provides reviews and scores from critics, When a movie is graded above 60%, it’s considered ‘fresh’ and when it’s not it’s considered ‘rotten’.

  1. IMDB

IMDB doesn’t gather adequate reviews from critics such as the previous one but is still one of the largest when it comes to movie database and ratings from viewers. It mostly provides information about the movie, but still gives out score on scale 1 to 10.

  1. Roger Ebert

We have another well-known site here. It offers strong movie criticism and brought the audience into engagement as no other site can. For your information, the reviews are written by Roger Ebert himself.

  1. Fandango

This site gives out information with the huge range, starting from movie news, releases, and theater times, to trailer and clips, and of course reviews. The commentaries are gathered by experts and moderated by the site’s authors.

  1. The New York Times

The reviews here are equipped with necessary trailers, showtimes, and tickets availability for the nearest theaters. They are gathered from the words of the site’s authors, but the space is always open for users who want to leave some more comments on the movie.

  1. Yahoo! Movies

Other than movie reviews, this site also offers useful information such as upcoming releases, showtimes, and available DVDs. Here, the visitors can find reviews both from critics and users, complied with handy briefs and useful links to add references.

  1. Flixster

When you’re looking not only for reviews, but also for movie releases, showtimes, and other information. This site is definitely what you should be on. Movie reviews on this site are mostly collected and sent by the site users.

  1. MRQE

It’s got a large number of movie reviews. It’s a good destination for you when you’re looking for a plain and simple rate of good and bad movies, and the scoring comes in very interactive with graph and critics’ words.

  1. Hollywood Bets

Movie trailers, reviews, and lots of updates on upcoming releases are available here. Every movie that’s been recently released has at least a review from either user, critic, or the site author. It just feels very completed when we read recommendations from this site.

  1. Cinema Blend

We’re still not moving on from the most popular movie review site, and you will find well-written reviews from the site’s group of experts and writers here. You can also find top-notch movies reviewed by proper editorials, along with necessary news and handy information.

So, those are the top 10 movie review sites in 2020 you can always look up to. For access to movie streams, go to