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3 Best New 3rd Row Seating Cars of 2019

When someone decided to build a family, a car is needed. Even it will be written in the top three of a couple’s wish lists. And of course, they will consider having a family car for their future. A car which has big baggage and many seats. This kind of car is more comfortable for a family that has many members. The 3rd-row car seating is the most suitable for a family. Following are the varieties of cars.

A Car With 3rd Row Seating

A 3rd-row seating car is the most suitable car for a family. It can accommodate some members of the family. It helps when they have a family trip. They don’t have to jostle when the member of the family is more than 5 people. It helps when they have a lot of things that have to bring along. Therefore, SUVs with 3rd-row seating is the best choice. Let’s check some of the best SUVs with 3rd row.

3 Best SUVs With 3rd Row

SUVs are ideal as a family car, especially which offer 3rd row of seating. Recently this car has any kinds of types, one of them is with 3rd-row seating. The car is provided seven or nine seating for the passengers, big baggage and more plus features behind. Here is some kind of them.

  1. Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer is one of best SUVs with 3rd row. It features with 3.5-liter V6, the seating up to 9 passengers and good passenger entertainment system. It really helps when you have a long trip with many family members. The car is the most ideal types of family car. It really suits to your needs and budget.

  1. Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot features with a spacious cabin and has 3rd row of seating up to 8 passengers. This car is the best choice for a family trip because it has poised handling which makes it easy to drive and comfortable to ride. The 2019 newest features are forward collision warning, lane keeps assist, and adaptive cruise control. With those some new features, it worth to but it for your family.

  1. Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Toyota Highlander Hybrid has some fabulous features, there are three rows of seating that can load 8 passengers, big space for cargo and ideal form. The newest feature is the limited platinum trim levels gain LED fog lamps. It also consists of a 3.5-liter V6 engine paired to a trio of electric motors. The total system output is 306 horsepower and many other features. This absolutely one of the best SUVs with 3rd row. With a proper price, you can get the best car.

Having a trip with a family is the best event to spend the holiday together. It can give unforgettable memories yet to build a good bond between members of the family. The comfortable of the family member is the most important thing on a family trip. That is all that can be explained in this article, hope this information be useful for you. Cheers!