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3 Best Places to Listen to Free Music Online

Singing and music are two things that will never be separated. For you who like to singing and get a cover song, so you must know some of the best applications to record and play the music. Even some people will not like to record their voice, these sites let them listen to every singer that they like the most. In fact, you can find a lot of sites or application that you can listen to music. For you who like to listen to music for free and want to record your voice, here is the best recommendation for you.

Best Sites to Listen to Your Favorite Music for Free

As you may know, there is a lot of places where you can listen to your music. However, there are only some sites or applications that have free access for you. Both for commercial or cover song, you can easily find them on the music sites bellows:

  • SoundCloud

SoundCloud has been introduced since early 2013, then it becomes bigger and knowable. What makes this application different from other kinds of music sites is the user can upload their own music or cover. Besides listening to other voices, the users can even upload theirs. It must be an amazing one. Moreover, SoundCloud is first known as the application where you can find a lot of cover song.

Recently, SoundCloud upgraded their feature which allowed the user to upgrade their account to be premium. If the free account has limited upload time, so the premium account has no limited upload time. There is no far different system for both account, both free or premium are the best choice.

  • Tidal

For the high quality music streaming, Tidal is the best recommendation. It is the first music streaming sites which has been supported by the High Fidelity music. That’s why you will get experience with HiFi music. Moreover, there is also various playlist which especially served for you. However, make sure that you use the 3G/4G connection on Google Chrome avoiding the interrupted streaming.

  • Deezer

Deezer must be the newest one. Since it is not accessible for every country yet, so it has not yet popular yet among the others. Still, you can get the most high quality music from this site. What makes it different from others is the connection with the user’s social media account. You can connect with your social media’s friends through these streaming sites. It is so interesting, isn’t it?

What do You Like the Most?

Besides three sites above which are highly recommended, actually, there are still a lot of music streaming sites that you can use. Nowadays, you can also even access not only the commercial song but also the cover song from various musicians. However, you cannot find the applications or sites for fully free. Basically, there will be two options for premium and free. You can choose the free one as long as the features will not highly different from each other. Streaming music will let your day be brighter.