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4 Steps to Keep Your Factory Hygiene

Generally speaking, there is no exact standard when it comes to determining a safe or unsafe factory. Thus, the need of a regulation is actually very real this time. However, Parker Distributor Indonesia is committed to make sure each worker and equipment used in the factory has been qualified according to certain criteria prior to responsible work ethic and production. Most of the times, the company uses their own assessment in order to provide the best work practices based on the most hygiene condition possible.

It is very important for company to plan this kind of procedure way ahead, so it will be ready for wherever urges to be anticipated. According to a data, 25% of severely impacted business would likely never to reopen. It is not exaggerating to say that all kinds of business are still vulnerable to disasters, and are encouraged to have strong operating foundation in order to prevent losses in the future.

4 Steps to Keep Hygiene in The Factory

To develop and maintain safe environment at work, Parker Distributor Indonesia has applied these 4 steps, especially in terms of keeping the factory hygiene.

  1. Gradually review the factory action plan

According to the law, a factory of more than 10 employees is required to own and conduct a written action plan, including the one with emergency plan. It’s always been a good idea to hold a meeting before applying the plan, plus a meeting sometimes after the plan is being applied. A discussion that facilitates participants of all layers would induce awareness and acknowledgement about how important the operations are to be done according to the plan.

  1. Perform analysis

The goal of performing an analysis towards each activity in the factory is to identify the possible hazards before they even occur, and prevent them as early as possible. Various things can happen quite often unpredictably. Therefore, some changes may be needed as well to improve and maintain the quality of workers, tasks, and equipment.

  1. Prevent illness and injury

Anyone who work in unhealthy places are prone to illness and injury. It may not be recognizable when we’re talking about business in large scale, but signs and symptoms of any of them should still be treated well if we really want to conduce factory overall safety. How the management can make it happen, includes offering protective tools and prevent fatigue. The earlier, the better.

  1. Highlight the company rules

Finally, bring the company rules and attentions to the workers and how they handle the equipment will more likely to raise their effort in keeping the work hygiene and safe as well. A recommended thing to do includes developing more interactive, yet understandable communication methods, to deliver the messages, such as giving signage, floor marking, and way-finding. This way, every layer of participant at the factory will have more drive to be determined in performing their duties.

So, those are the 4 steps from Parker Distributor Indonesia to keep the factory hygiene. Feel free to implicate them yourself for a better work environment.