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5 Bluetooth Speakers With Prices Below $50

Now, Bluetooth speakers have become a trend that you can make supporting accessories in listening to your favorite music. Famous brands such as Bose, JBL, or Sony also sell speakers with wireless technology. Even immigrant brands such as Xiaomi and MiFa also do not want to be left behind to enliven the market with various types, such as products equipped with mics, NFC features, and waterproof capabilities. Want to know what speakers are priced below $50? Let’s check it.

Sonicgear Morro 3 Btmi

As a cheap and quality bluetooth speaker, Sonicgear displays the BTMI Morro 3 with a stylish, multimedia design. The subwoofer of this speaker set has a bass controller that can be adjusted by the user. Now, you can adjust the bass you want to listen to from your speaker. In addition to being able to connect with a smartphone or PC via bluetooth, Sonicgear Morro 3 BTMI also presents a USB port and SD Card Reader which of course makes it easier for you to listen to music without the need to connect to a device such as a smartphone.

Sonicgear Titan 7 Btmi

For those of you who buy speakers with aesthetics, the BTMI Sonicgear Titan 7 is the right choice. Although both are sold at $40, such as the BTMI Morro 3, the Sonicgear Titan 7 BTMI looks more beautiful with 7 colors pulsating LEDs. Both the subwoofer and the two satellites are both equipped with 7 colors LED lights. Speaking of audio quality, this speaker also provides the best audio quality in its class. You can connect this speaker to a smartphone, USB, SD Card, up to FM Radio. Sonicgear Titan 7 BTMI is a speaker with bass that is ready to shake your room.

Nakamichi NBS2N

Its small shape makes it more practical to be carried anywhere. Yes, it is Nakamichi NBS2N which is a tiny bluetooth speaker with 4 hours of durability. This speaker is a type of bluetooth speaker, but you can also connect speakers with AUX cable on laptops that do not have a Bluetooth connection. Regarding the sound quality, this mini speaker is not inferior to Sonicgear or Simbadda class speakers. You will get audio quality that is not bad, but also not exactly special. Nakamichi NBS2N is sold for around $50.

Fenda W330BT

The next 2.1 speaker is the Fenda W330BT. This device is included in the list of cheap bluetooth speakers because the price is only $50. The speaker design is also interesting to display in the room. Not only that, but the Fenda W330BT can also be connected with the latest smartphone or tablet, provided that the device is accompanied by a bluetooth connection. There is an LED that functions as a power indicator and a bass and treble control panel. The sound produced by the Fenda W330BT is quite satisfying thanks to the subwoofer with 6.5 “drivers and two satellites with 2.5” drivers. This speaker is very compatible to support listening to music or playing games.

Dbe PS99

Do you crave a portable bluetooth speaker that is practically carried anywhere? DbE PS99 is the right choice to answer your needs. Regarding prices, these speakers are only sold for $40, cheaper than the three speakers we reviewed earlier. The audio produced by the PS99 DBE is quite satisfying because the sound that comes out sounds loud and powerful. Although the size is not too large, this speaker offers sound with a powerful bass and clear treble. In fact, the PS99 DbE is also equipped with FM Radio. This is really a cheap bluetooth speaker with a qualified specification.