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5 Popular Games Among Teenager

For a teenager, entertainment is an important aspect of being able to keep oneself happy. In ancient times, a teenager played games with his friends, in today’s digital era, he mostly spent their time playing video games. That’s why they are now looking for free Fortnite skins for by browsing the internet. Moreover, nowadays video games can be played with their friends online.

The number of games available today often makes some teenagers confused to choose what games are suitable and fun for their age. Information about this is sometimes also needed to let them know about recommendations regarding games that are suitable for them. The following are some examples of popular games among teenagers.

Strawdew Valley

This game is quite popular among teenagers if they want to play a game using PS4 or Xbox. This game presents a simulator of how to care for gardens and farms. So when playing this game you will be given the task of being able to take care of your garden, whether it is planting vegetables to taking care of livestock. This game is very suitable for teenagers because it does not contain the slightest amount of violence and of course, it is also labeled for everyone (E).


This game is very popular with teenage boys who like action shooters. When playing this game, you will be asked to fight or eradicate your enemies who are none other than other sailors. Your mission is to kill all players and survive to become 1st place because the system of this game is a battle royale. Even this game is also very popular among adults though. Naturally, how many people are looking for free Fortnite skins.

Portal 2

If you like adventures that have a puzzle nuance, this game is highly recommended for you. So the point when playing it is that you will be asked to explore the entire laboratory using a portal. You can also fight the guards inside by using weapons. This game is highly recommended for teenagers because teenagers themselves are quite stubborn and don’t want to lose. That’s why it’s not surprising that this game always provides challenges so that the players are always confused and lost with the riddles in it.


Football sports games, especially football, are quite popular among teenagers because they can be played multiplayer with their friends. This game that you can play using a cellphone or PC is very interesting to play because there are several interesting features available, such as futsal or other models. But this only applies to the latest FIFA releases. But there’s no need to worry because the old FIFA output is no less interesting to play.


This PS4 game is one of the most popular games because it is interesting to play a long storyline and must be careful. The game begins when a mysterious explosion breaks all contact from the space station. You won’t find a fight while playing it because you just have to explore each room and find records to find out the cause of the explosion.

By reading some of the recommendations above, now you know about what games are very popular among teenagers today. But the fact remains that Fortnite is the best-selling and most popular game, so the search for free Fortnite skins is also done to make them not have to spend money on skins.