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MSORTN is a site that discusses all kinds of news in the country and foreign news. Here we help provide up-to-date news so that you can all know the latest news that is happening around you. We not only discuss news related to politics, but we also discuss news in the form of gadgets, reviews, sports, lifestyle, traffic, and all information about events that occur at home and abroad.

The news is very important for daily information, besides of course it can add to your insight about the world; news can also be a reference to discourse that you can use to regulate your lifestyle. We will also continue to try to provide real news, no hoaxes and find true sources – the truth is to anticipate the spread of hoaxes.

We hope that through this website, we can accompany you in your daily activities. Because our goal is to continue to be able to fulfill your insights with the news that we present. The content in this blog is taken from various sources and references, so not all of our pure news is taken to the field.

However, even though we use other references as content; we continue to strive that the news we present is true and does not contain hoaxes. So no need to worry that the news that we show here is news that is not true or news that leads to hoaxes. Here we will also present news related to today’s lifestyle which is certainly very up to date.

We also hope that this website can be useful and become the leading news website that will accompany all your daily lives. We apologize if later this blog is still having a lot of problems or not being able to become a good website. We are looking forward to criticism, comments, and suggestions for the increase and sustainability of our website. There is no stopping also we say thank you for your trust in us.