The Montessori School of Oak Ridge does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnic or national origin in admission or in any activities or programs of the school. We welcome all applications and value racial, national and religious diversity.

Application Procedure

  •  Parents must schedule an observation without their child. Call the school office to make an appointment.  (865) 482-5036
  •  Submit a completed and signed application form to the school to review before the interview. The paperwork is available in the office or at email
  • A 20-30 minute interview will be scheduled for your child with the Directress. Admission decisions are made by the faculty after an interview with the child and parents.
  • Children need to have a complete medical examination / assessment and be current on their immunizations before being accepted to school.


  • Upon acceptance, a full month’s tuition advance is due as deposit. This advance deposit is refundable with a written 30-day notice if your child must leave during the school year.
  • All children between the ages of 2 ½ – 5 are eligible for enrollment in the primary program.
  • Montessori primary school is ideally a three-year program. The first two years lay the groundwork for the third year (kindergarten). MSOR is a state approved kindergarten. Parent education is offered and encouraged to understand the Montessori method and to assist in your child’s development and education.