Amazon – fundraiser affiliate program

For those looking for a quick link :

The Montessori School of Oak Ridge is an Amazon affiliate.

What is an Amazon affiliate you might ask?

It’s a reward program where the school get a reward for directing customers to Amazon. If you press any of our links on this page you will get directed to If you buy anything there after pressing our links you will get your products like always- pay the same price as always, same conditions and deals, but the school will get a reward for directing you there. The more items ordered each month the higher reward the school will get!

How do this work?

Here is a link to get you to the homepage :

As you can see there is a msor tag on the end of the link. That will ensure that know that we sent you there.

A couple of things to remember

All items already in your cart BEFORE clicking the link will not give the school a reward.

Pressing the link will give the school a reward for what you buy within the next 24 hours, so if in doubt, press the link again before adding what you want to order to your cart.


Bounty ads

Below we will post some ads that if pressed and ordered will give the school an extra bounty reward. These special items will give the school a higher and fixed reward. And even if the ad is for a free trial and you cancel the membership before the trial is over the school will still get the reward!

Amazon membership subscription ads:

Links for a couple of amazon’s ebook readers and gift suggestions