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Author: Sylvia W Davis

10 Movie Review Sites of This Year

Many people depend a lot on movie reviews. While we can always trust Hulustream for access to free movies, we wonder what sites we can rely on for worthy reviews.

10 Websites that Review Various Movies

Today, in Hulustream, we’ll give you out the top 10 movie review sites of the year that will provide you the nice and horrible things you may need about one and another movie.

  1. Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes provides reviews and scores from critics, When a movie is graded above 60%, it’s considered ‘fresh’ and when it’s not it’s considered ‘rotten’.

  1. IMDB

IMDB doesn’t gather adequate reviews from critics such as the previous one but is still one of the largest when it comes to movie database and ratings from viewers. It mostly provides information about the movie, but still gives out score on scale 1 to 10.

  1. Roger Ebert

We have another well-known site here. It offers strong movie criticism and brought the audience into engagement as no other site can. For your information, the reviews are written by Roger Ebert himself.

  1. Fandango

This site gives out information with the huge range, starting from movie news, releases, and theater times, to trailer and clips, and of course reviews. The commentaries are gathered by experts and moderated by the site’s authors.

  1. The New York Times

The reviews here are equipped with necessary trailers, showtimes, and tickets availability for the nearest theaters. They are gathered from the words of the site’s authors, but the space is always open for users who want to leave some more comments on the movie.

  1. Yahoo! Movies

Other than movie reviews, this site also offers useful information such as upcoming releases, showtimes, and available DVDs. Here, the visitors can find reviews both from critics and users, complied with handy briefs and useful links to add references.

  1. Flixster

When you’re looking not only for reviews, but also for movie releases, showtimes, and other information. This site is definitely what you should be on. Movie reviews on this site are mostly collected and sent by the site users.

  1. MRQE

It’s got a large number of movie reviews. It’s a good destination for you when you’re looking for a plain and simple rate of good and bad movies, and the scoring comes in very interactive with graph and critics’ words.

  1. Hollywood Bets

Movie trailers, reviews, and lots of updates on upcoming releases are available here. Every movie that’s been recently released has at least a review from either user, critic, or the site author. It just feels very completed when we read recommendations from this site.

  1. Cinema Blend

We’re still not moving on from the most popular movie review site, and you will find well-written reviews from the site’s group of experts and writers here. You can also find top-notch movies reviewed by proper editorials, along with necessary news and handy information.

So, those are the top 10 movie review sites in 2020 you can always look up to. For access to movie streams, go to

Explode Your Business Success with Social Media

Are you running a business and looking for the best social media for your business? Many kinds of social media will be good to consider. As you choose a good business, you have to prepare it first. You can consider many things, as it will be suitable and it will improve your needs. Never hesitate about how you can get it for your needs. In the case of choosing the business promotion method, you can choose some tips, too. BulletinTech will be one of the most useful things to help you do your business easily. That way, you can explore more about the business.

If you want to explore your business, you need to know how to get them. If you want to get many things from your business, you can start choosing the one that will help you deal with it. Your business is what you need to consider when you want to expand it. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but you need to know how to do them. You can also consider many things that will be good. Don’t hesitate to choose the right support for your business. It makes you more comfortable to do it, right?

Tips for Improving Your Online Business

Running a business can be quite challenging if you chose it right. When it comes to you to get along with your business, you can try online promotion. Using the online marketing method will help you so much, as it will give you many benefits and help you to get more for your business. Never be afraid of what you have, as it will give you many advantages of doing the business by using online platforms. Here are some tips to do, including getting the use of BulletinTech:

  1. Make sure you have online platforms for your needs. In case of giving you the best result for the business, you will be able to get it right. In this case, you can use many platforms that suit you well. By doing so, you can improve and explore many things, making sure you can get so many benefits from it. Make sure you learn about popular media, as it will give you so many advantages.
  2. You need to also know how to get your business a good brand existence and make many people aware of your brand. This way, your customers will get attracted to your business. Make a good username for your business, as it will be really important for you. Your customers will know and recognize your business right away, so it will not give you many disadvantages from a third party like BulletinTech.
  3. Choose a good way to approach your customers. The potential customers might want to have a simple yet warm welcome from your platforms. It gives you a lot of easiness when you choose them. Consider the best way that will make you feel more comfortable interacting with your customers. You will also find the most important factor to win the customers if you interact with them well.

The Benefits of Online Marketing for Your Business

You never know how your business will be successful. As you can get so many useful things from the internet, you can explore more about how you get them right. If you choose the best way to get along with your needs, start with how you can get the benefits from them. Here are some benefits when you choose online business promotion:

  1. Online marketing is easy to do. Especially if you do them with the popular social media. You will never get them easily. As it will give you many benefits, you can also find its way to get them. From the popular social media, you can get so many things for it. By doing so, you will get many benefits from online marketing.
  2. Social media marketing is cheap. You don’t have to pay too much for the promotion. It helps you a lot in giving the best way to improve your needs. Consider choosing the most important aspect for your business, as promoting your products and so on. Therefore, you will find it easy and effective.

Those are some benefits when you use online marketing to promote your products. Don’t hesitate to try to get the best promotion method, as you will have the best result. You can also get the benefits from BulletinTech. Good luck!

Choosing between Motorcycle and Scooter

Motorcycle vs Scooter: this is probably the question that everyone is thinking when it comes to choosing the right and only one to suit most of their needs. Talking about needs, a vehicle should be reliable, and dependable when it comes to an additional feature, for example, the bigger possibility to install a sidecar if one wants to experience more load in fun and style down the road.

Such a question has been answered pretty easily during the 70s, 80s to late 90s: motorcycle. The faster vehicle offers better accommodation for people. On the other hand, motorcycles in that era have been presented in such various modern and stylish ways, so that people would go for a travel with a fancy motorcycle. In a longer scenario, motorcycles have been able to provide easier access to places at that time, compared to what a car or any public transportation could have. More and more motorcycle manufacturers have also succeeded in catching up with people’s desire, so the two-wheeler vehicle and its sidecar specifically captivated the audience’s heart.

Some Considerations of Choosing Motorcycle or Scooter

Moving on to the early 00s, everything has pretty much changed to the choice. Scooters started to have rising popularity among people, especially considering the increasing number of young and female riders. Scooter totally redefined the previously seemingly masculine troop concept that’d been portrayed by a motorcycle. Everyone can now ride a scooter, too, young and old, man to woman. Scooters started to have its potential and exact segment that its products have also risen ever since following the audience’s request and desire for a friendly vehicle.

To come up with the best idea of your own, below are some points you can consider in choosing between motorcycle and scooter.

  1. Value for money

The fact is that scooter riders will earn high fuel-efficiency. This point alone can be said as a turning point when it comes to one’s consideration between motorcycle and scooter. The bigger tank that common motorcycles have would consume more fuel obviously, hence it will be a bit pricier to fill up a basic motorcycle than to an average scooter.

  1. Personal preference

Your choice over motorcycles and scooters should at first depend on your needs alone. When you think of riding for your daily trip, it means you need something more comfortable for a predictable distance and relatively fixed road condition. Scooter score one more point on this aspect because it is cozier to ride on and doesn’t require much money for fuel and maintenance.

After all, the question about choosing over motorcycle vs scooter still lingers up until now. As technology and trends passed by, people will likely demand something more other than just a mere vehicle. People like to travel in style, for instance, with a sidecar for their motorcycle. Or, people are more confident when they have radiant colors and models that can only be achieved through nowadays scooters. Each segment has its own plus and minus, and it’s all up to your liking to choose over the two-wheeler that will suit you right.

Find Out the Uses and Benefits of Activated Charcoal Here

Charcoal Indonesia has started to rise in the term of popularity. In fact, activated charcoal was commonly known as a universal antidote. The ones specifically coming from tropical country like Indonesia has made it even better.

The substance keeps on being promoted as the world’s nowadays natural treatment. People starts to notice it because of its benefits, mostly in medical world. The substance is believed to have the ability to whiten teeth, cure hangover, and even lower cholesterol level.

Getting to Know about Activated Charcoal

Let’s get to know better first about the substance. It is black powder that is formed from bone char, coal, coke, peat, coconut shells, and olive pits or sawdust. The term activated is derived from the process the materials have gone through. Each of them is processed finely at a very high temperature to convert its internal structure into something more porous than the regular charcoal briquettes.

Learning about How Activated Charcoal Works

Charcoal Indonesia has the ability to bind chemicals. This ability comes from its porous texture from the “activated” process before, and such texture creates negative electrical charge that will attract positively to the molecules of chemicals and toxins. Many scientific works have resulted in a conclusion that activated charcoal won’t be absorbed by human’s body and only come out of our body as feces.

Uses and Benefits of Activated Charcoal

  1. Poison treatment

Thanks to its characteristics, activated charcoal has been scientifically proven to treat poisoning. It binds toxic properties, so it will perform variety uses in medical needs, including treating poisoning, by trapping drugs and reducing the effects that may happen in human.

  1. Improve kidneys function

Activated charcoal has been tested to be able to improve kidneys function. It reduces the waste products that it helps the kidneys to do the filtration alone. Specifically for someone suffering from kidney disease, the help from activated charcoal will sure be needed to remove and filter toxins from the body.

  1. Reduce cholesterol level

As it’s been said before, it is able to bind chemicals, so it’ll bind cholesterol and cholesterol-containing acids as well and prevent them to be absorbed by the body. Some studies show that larger dosage of activated charcoal would perform the most effective result.

  1. Cure hangover

In so many times, activated charcoal have successfully cured hangovers. Consuming it after drinking alcohol may reduce the alcohol level in blood. Therefore the aftereffect may not so severely happen.

  1. Whiten teeth

Do you ever find a toothpaste with Charcoal Indonesia in it? If you do, you will know now that is none other because activated charcoal indeed can whiten teeth in form of an ingredient in a toothpaste. This substance, while cooperating with other basic toothpaste chemicals, will help absorbing compounds and plaques that are staining our teeth.

Finally, activated charcoal that comes from Charcoal Indonesia can be said as an item with variety medical use and benefits. There have been researches that show the medical advantages linked to activated charcoal, but be aware of the possibility of side effects. The bottom line is to always consult with experts before deciding to use it.

Palm Oil Benefits and Usefulness

We are possibly using and consuming products that include palm oil in our everyday lives. Palm plantation in Palembang provides a lot of products to this country’s society. Palm Oil is rich in vitamins and good for our health. You can find palm oil being used as cooking oil in the form of vegetable oil. Palm oil also consists of phytosterols compounds in various kinds of plants which are scientifically confirmed to help lessen cholesterol.

Palm Oil Dietary Contents

The dietary content material provides diverse health advantages which include improving mind function lowering the chance of blood clots forming in the arteries antithrombotic effects and lowering blood pressure. Vegetable oil consists of various sorts of fatty acids which are the challenge of a whole lot discussion a few of the health networks and consumers. That is why we stepped forward the formula of our numerous palm oil merchandise by eliminating all trans fatty acids but in relation to saturated fatty acids, the problem isn’t that simple.

One of the most well-known producers of palm oil in South East Asia is in Palm plantation in Palembang. You can visit their factories to get more info about palm oil.

Palm Oil Myth

There was a serious suspicion that palm oil may cause cancer. However, there is no strong evidence associated with saturated fat and an increased chance of heart disorder or cancer. Instead, the latest update shows that with the intake of carbohydrates processed through palm oil would help the health situations. This dietary content material is somewhat similar to that found in breast milk.

This is the motive why palm oil after being modified to adjust the position of palmitic acid within the triacylglycerol molecule is often used in found in the younglings’ digestive systems due to the fact its dietary profile most intently resembles breast milk. The carotenoid content material is even better than carrots which are referred to as a carotene meal supply high carotene in meals is beneficial for preventing diet a deficiency and skin and eye diseases.

  1. Modern Healthy Palm Oil Processing

The process of refining industrial oils that remove most of the bleaching of the carotenoid and deodorizing gives us the purest form of products. Modern palm oil products made by the palm oil industry has made amazing progress. Through the improvement of better refining strategies and several stages of deodorization processes at low temperatures, we can help keep the useful herbal elements contained in the palm oil.

  1. Palm Oil Good Vitamin Contents

A superior source for the vitamin is found by cooking with vegetable oils. Vegetable oils like palm oil are broadly used in growing countries as a staple food to produce fat-soluble vitamins. It is also including vitamin A for consumers. The highest health problems and vitamin deficiency are in South Asia and the sub-Saharan place of Africa governments. Those nations have begun the use of enriched vegetable oils to remedy the food deficiency and health problems.

  1. Palm Oil Good Acid and Fats

The aspect that needs interest is that vegetable oils wealthy in unsaturated fatty acids, which are liable to oxidation. This disturbs the stability of diet within the fortification procedure. Although palm oil is an appropriate medium the content material of vitamin A, the quality of the nutrients still depends on the conditions of the cooking process and the packaging.

There are a lot of benefits that we can get by using products made from palm oil. That is why palm oil has been very popular worldwide especially in southeast Asia. We look forward to the next system of how we are able to improve the nutritional quality of our palm oil products from palm plantation in Palembang.

Choosing Car Audio System from Audio Frost

Audio Frost provides you with the best audio products. Using the first-rate car speaker manufacturers will certainly improve the comfort factor inside of your automobile. That’s why a lot of folks are willing to spend numerous amounts of money to modify their cars’ interiors, especially the audio system. One change is often achieved by updating the manufacturer’s audio system with an o.E.M version.

Installing New Audio

Now if you plan to replace the car audio with a higher grade one, make sure you do some research first so you will not get the wrong brand to pick. Make sure you also check the audio quality before sealing your deal. Try to check the quality of the system before installing them on your cars.

If you need further information regarding audio, you can check Audio Frost to get the complete details.

Best Audio System Brands for your Car

  1. Bose

The first amazing automobile speaker recommendation on this list is Bose. This speaker logo works closely with Chevrolet and Maseratti. The leader which is Dr. Amar G. Bose worked with Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Acura. The result, Bose became one of the high-end audio systems for excessive-end car audio enthusiasts.

One example of a Bose hero product to create a harmonious sound tone is the Audio Bose AB-608 BL Car Speaker. A coaxial speaker with huge magnets, excessive best materials, and a 160mm woofer that can create deep bass sound.

  1. Pioneer

Talking about the enjoyment and audio capabilities of your car, it feels incomplete if we don’t discuss Pioneer. This Japanese corporation is known as the first-class fine audio system which has been praised in the field of bass, treble, or amplifier.

If you are interested in picking the brand, you can check a set of coaxial speakers called Pioneer TS0A1675S 300W included within the A series from Pioneer. This heat-resistant Pioneer product also has a Mica Matrix Multilayer cone design that is efficient for being attentive to clean voice tones at any extent level.

Pioneer is one of the great vehicle speaker manufacturers which were founded via Nozomu Matsumoto. The products also come with an attractive layout to captivate the hearts of its consumers. That is why it is not unexpected that this audio is listed within the Sound Quality (SQ) elegance which excellence is never be doubted

  1. Alpine

Not only making high-quality vehicles, but Japan also launched car audio whose greatness could not be underestimated particularly Alpine. Alpine’s merchandise is appropriate for you who want pleasant car speakers. Because, with its subwoofer and electricity amplifier, Alpine products are priced at a relatively low-cost price. One product from Alpine that you could check out is the Alpine Oval Speaker SPJ-691C3 with the 3-way era and its cone IMPP. This product is capable of produce harmonious low, medium or high notes.

Due to the bombastic excellence of Alpine’s audio, the majority of Japanese manufacturers agreed to make Alpine as an audio brand used as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

There are a lot of other cool and fascinating sound systems on the market. If you are interested in getting more info about audio systems and products, you can check

Latest Hollywood Movies Reviews

Nowadays, you can get a lot of information about movies on the internet. You can also get the latest Hollywood movie reviews from streaming sites such as Kinox To movie streaming service website. On online movie streaming sites, you can various content related to movies. You can also read articles and see the trailer of the newest movies. Some sites also provide you with streaming services and download links to various types of movies.

The Benefit of Watching Movies Online

You can get various advantages and benefits by watching or streaming your favorite movies online. You can get any kind of movie you want on demand. You don’t need to wait or go outside. As long as you have an internet connection, you can visit the streaming site and watch your favorite movies all you want. You can watch them at any time anywhere you want.

Streaming Movie Sites

There are a lot of online movie services that give you on-demand movie streaming features such as Kinox To. You can visit this website easily. You can use various kinds of gadget such as personal computers or smartphones. It is easy to use and you do not have to register to visit those movies websites. In addition, you can watch the latest Hollywood movie series at any time you want.

Talking about Hollywood movies, here are some famous newly released Hollywood movies available to watch on theaters and various other sources.

  1. How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy

How to Train your dragon trilogy is completed with the release of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden Word. This movie was released in 2019 and tells the story of a dragon that finds out there are more dragons out in the world. The movie received a very spectacular review and feedback. The critics love the stunning and spectacular visuals along with the very well-written story.

  1. Hotel Mumbai

This movie tells about an attack at The Taj Hotel in Mumbai. It is one of the most positively reviewed movies and receives a lot of review scores. It is based on a true story where the hotel staff tried their best to keep the people safe from the attack.

  1. Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

For you, superheroes lovers, there was also released a movie about batman in collaboration with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Against the villain shredder, Batman allied himself with the Teenage Mutant Ninjas. Along with robin and many other sidekicks. The group of superheroes tried their best to save the day against the dreaded villains.

There are a lot of movies like this available to watch on your gadgets. With streaming movie services like. Kinox To, you are able to see any kind of movies and similar content on demand. You can now watch movies on various gadgets such as smartphones and personal computers. As long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to freely watch movies at any time and anywhere you want. If you are interested to try the streaming service, you can go to online movie streaming sites such as Kinox To.

Watch Newest 2019 Cartoons Online

Did you know that in today’s age of the internet, you can watch cartoons online? Even in 2019, there are still many people who like cartoons, even adults! That’s right, not just kids, but people from multiple generations still love to watch cartoons. Cartoon lovers like to watch their favorite shows by various means such as visiting movie theaters or buying DVDs. For people who can afford internet subscriptions, they can also watch cartoons online. There are many streaming services that provide a lot of cartoon titles to watch.

Watching Cartoon in 2019

Even today, many people still like to watch cartoons. It is believed that more adults watch cartoons in today’s generation compared to the previous one. It is, of course, related to the kids from previous decades have grown up. Those kids who grew up with cartoons carry the hobby to their adult lives. Since technology has come a long way, people no longer stuck in television or CD disks to watch cartoons. With the internet, you can also watch cartoons online from various streaming services.

List of Newest Cartoons in 2019

Here is the list of a few best cartoons released in 2019:

  1. Frozen II (3D Cartoon/Animation)

Anna and Elsa are back in their highly anticipated sequel, Frozen II. The previous title was a huge hit and very popular among the kids. That does not mean the older people don’t like it though. If you browse the movie on the internet, you can find a lot of adult people talk about the movie Frozen. In Frozen II, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and their friends are going to get into an adventure to save their kingdom. If you have watched the first movie, Frozen II is definitely a cartoon to keep an eye on. If you haven’t, then you need to watch the movie before the internet spoilers ruin your experience.

  1. Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (2D Cartoon/Animation)

Superhero movies have great adult audiences. Thus, it is no longer proper to say that someone acts like a child when that person is watching a superhero cartoon movie. In this Wonder Woman cartoon movie, Wonder Woman tries to help a troubled girl. Her name is Vanessa who fell into a deadly organization so-called Villainy Inc.

  1. Promare (2D Anime)

An anime-style movie from Japan set in the futuristic mecha setting. It is directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and written by Kazuki Nakashima. The movie tells a story about a firefighting unit in the future created to protect the world.

Those are some unique, popular, highly anticipated movies of 2019. As you can see, cartoons and animation movies are very much liked around the world. It is getting more and more well-known since the widespread of the internet. If you have access to an internet subscription, you can easily watch cartoons from various streaming services on demand. That’s right, you don’t have to wait for cartoon airing schedules. Now you can control when you want to watch cartoons online. This is why online cartoon streaming services are really well-liked by most cartoon lovers.

Choosing the Best Social Media Converters 2019

Living in this era in which social media is rapidly showing the magnificent of its advanced feature is a blessing of life. People define social media as one of the important fragment that enlightens their life. The meaning of social media is a technology that facilitates the sharing of thought, information and ideas through the diverse network.

What Is The Most Visited Social Media?

One of the most visited social media is Facebook. Facebook which is created by Mark Zuckerberg gives easy access to the valuable photos and videos uploaded by its users. Those videos are successfully lured people to watch them many times. Regarding the efficient of the time, people tend to choose to save all the video they like so they can watch them easily. There are several kinds of social media video converter that can be used to convert Facebook to mp4.

What Are The Best Social Media Converters 2019?

  1. FBMP4

FBMP4 is one of the best social media converts. People can easily convert any kinds of videos from Facebook. People really appreciate their time so they will choose anything that takes a short time to do. FBMP4 is the solution for what they want. It is free so people will not require spending their money to be able to download any videos they want. They do not need to fill the registration that is considered a long boring process by some of the people to be able to download video from Facebook. Thus, people can directly write down or copy the URL in it and their video will come out on the screen. Then, the download button is the last thing they need to click to get their desired videos.

  1. Getfvid

Getfvid can be the right choice to convert Facebook to mp4 because it can download not only public video from Facebook but also private videos from Facebook. People can do it by typing down to grant them access to convert any private videos. It is super beneficial and convenient tool since people usually cannot download any private videos. Getfvid allows people to capture the video. Still, they have to remember about copyright. People can access it easily since it is users-friendly. No need to type their respected information about themselves because this kind of information is not required. They just need to grab the URL they can find on Facebook and copy it the available room. There are numerous formats that they can choose. The formats are .m4a, .mp3, .wav, .aac, .ogg, .mp4, .avi, .m4v, .webm, and .flv.

  1. Video Converter mp4

The third choice that people can be picked is Video Converter mp4. It has the same meaningful and helpful feature that people need the most as two video converters above that is they do not need to enter their data on it if they want to use this video converter. There is no limitation on the numbers of video that they can download. They can download a thousand of them if they want to. Besides, it can download videos in a quick time so people will not worry about their time. The same method applied as two video converters above. They only rewrite the URL and paste it in the search field then click to convert video from Facebook to mp4.

FBMP4, Getfvid, and Video Converter mp4 are the best choice most of the people can choose to download people’s treasured videos from Facebook to mp4. Since there is no registration needed, they can quickly convert those videos in a minute. Now, people can enjoy their offline videos every day.

Do Social Media Help Your Marriage?

Social media is one of the platforms to keep in touch with others. Many people use social media to know what each other did and feel. Even you have taken or single, social media still becomes one of the important things in our life. We don’t want to out of date about our friend’s information, do we? Social media is also the media to save my marriage today.

How Can Social Media Help Your Marriage?

Many of us think that social media only ruins their life marriage. Well, it is not a hundred percent false. As long as the couples have a commitment to do not chat or get close to the others, social media will help you to get through life marriage.

If you just concern to the negative sides of social media, then all you can get is just the negative one, and so on. If you see there will be the positive sides of social media to your marriage, you will be thankful for it.

So, how social media can save my marriage today? This is how social media works:


As we can see, many social media users use their account to share what they feel at that time. Furthermore, many of them use social media to post their holiday photograph at the same time too. For this condition, if your partner has done something like that, it helps you a lot to stay in touch no matter how far the distance between you and your partner.

An example, if your partner is going to somewhere without you, social media can help you to keep an eye about what your partner does. You don’t want to bother your partner’s time by asking him or her about what is she or he doing, right?

This is why social media can help your marriage. Without bothering your partner’s time, you still know about what they feel or what they are doing, there. Is the function of social media to keep in touch with the others, isn’t it?

Enhancing Relationship

While you want to take the positive sides of social media, all you can get is enhancing your relationship. By declaring that you are someone’s partner, your partner will feel that you are appreciating your relationship.

If both use social media properly, it helps you to provide an important conversation without having a lot of preliminary explanation anymore. This feature can be the advantages for married couples to enhance more their relationship.


When you and your partner have hobbies and join in a certain community, this activity will not be cut off even you are married. Many couples are restricted their partner to don’t engage with any community. You should not do it because both still need friends, right? Just let your partner to keep in touch with their community.

This is how social media can save my marriage today. Just use social media properly and you will realize there are a lot of advantages you can get from it.