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Choosing the Right Mouse For Your Need

A mouse is one of the most important accessories along with a keyboard and speaker for your PC or personal computer. Unfortunately, most people do not pay attention to the importance of the mouse itself. Even, Logitech G502 software seems unfamiliar for most of them. The software is important especially for the Logitech owner since it will optimize its gear.

Currently, there are some types of mouse that differ its function. Some of them are used generally for common use such as for Ms. office, some of them are used for gaming and graphic design. Therefore, the features and the price are also different from each other.

Before you buy a new mouse, it is important to decide its function based on your need. If you intend to use the mouse for general use of PC, it is important to but the common mouse. It is simple and also cheaper than the other kind of mouse.

Types Of Mouse

There are some types of mouse that we can differ from their type, function, design, connectivity, and more. Here are some of its differences:

  1. Common mouse VS Gaming Mouse

The common mouse is designed only with 2 buttons, They are right and left click, and a scroll button. That button is generally used for general needs in using a PC. However, a gaming mouse has 2 additional buttons on its side as forwarding and back buttons.

Gaming mouse with Logitech G502 software is more preferred by gamers because it has more features that can support them in winning the game. It can endure million times of clicks so it is beneficial for them.

  1. Wired VS wireless mouse

Wire and wireless mouse are other types of mouse that you must choose for your need. If you work only in one place and rarely more, it is better to choose the wired mouse. The wired mouse has better sensitivity than the wireless mouse. However, if you often move your workplace, a wireless mouse is more comfortable.

  1. Optic VS Laser Mouse

The optic mouse uses LED light reflection to move its cursor and it will work better on the non-glassy surface. On the other hand, laser mouse uses laser light to read the movement. 

A laser mouse is applicable for all types of surfaces even on a glassy table, so it will be helpful if you work outside and forget to bring the mouse pad.

What Should You Consider In Buying A New Mouse?

After knowing several types of mouse, here are some considerations when you intend to buy a new mouse:

  1. Deciding the types of mouse for your need. Do not buy a gaming mouse if you only use the mouse for general use.
  2. Choosing the ergonomic mouse. Ergonomic means that the mouse is easy to be used and it does cause any hand problem if you use it for long period.
  3. Deciding the brand. Some mouse brands are good for their quality, especially with Logitech G502 software

Discover 5 Greatest Supercars of the Century

Do you ever wonder what kind of car the money could possibly buy? Should it be a supercar that’s fast or one with the fanciest look? One thing for sure is they are expensive and one of a kind.

Now, let us take you to a closer look at the best Ford engines of all time. Being the best car company in North America, and the third best-selling car company in the US market. Its affordability making it seem possible to finally own a supercar at this time. Yes, the company itself has also been renowned for trustworthy productions and impressive releases.

5 Greatest Supercars Of The 21st Century

Along with the Ford supercar we include, here is the full list of 5 greatest supercars of the 21st century. These cars are so versatile when it comes to engine, usability, and price, so we believe that every single of them is worth your attention. Keep reading!

  • Ford GT Supercar

Starting off the list from number five, we have Ford GT Supercar, with one of the best Ford engines of all time. This latest edition of Ford GT is really kicking in with what a true innovation may be like. It is supported by 647 horsepower, 3.5 liter V6 diesel engine under the hood, and an EcoBoost system. It has an ultra-efficient aerodynamic style, with a culmination of interior and exterior look that’s very flashy. It is very light, yet very strong to help you speeding on the road.

  • Lexus LFA

On number four, we have Lexus LFA. The two-seat sports car that’s come from the supercar division from the Japanese brand Toyota has a promising 4.8-liter V10 engine. Outside the machinery, it is designed with a body made from CFRP, a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer that’s composed up to 65% of the total mass. This is absolutely the Samurai of the supercars for the sleek design, yet sturdy capacity.

  • Lamborghini Aventador

Revealed first in 2016, the Lamborghini Aventador LP740-4 S needs to be in our supercar list. The car has a 6.5-liter V12 engine that will surprise you with the fastest, yet smoothest driving experience possible. It is equipped with 690 Nm of torque to support the performance everyone can expect from the Aventador series. The newest release also has been modified with 4-wheel steering, updated suspension, four necessary modes of driving, and an advanced system of braking.

  • McLaren 720S

What do you expect more on a list of top supercars? It should have a McLaren car in it, and it’s the 720S this time. The British sports car wowed people with its 4 liter M840T twin-Turbocharged V8 engine. Very exciting, huh? Then, its top speed that reaches up to 341 km/h is unequivocally amazing, in relevance with the minimalist and sporty design. Of course, the many advancements in the powerhouse is what makes it possible.

  • Audi R8

Finally, we have the Audi R8 V10 Plus as the best supercar of the 21st century. It uses a magnificent pair between 5.2-liter FSI V10 Quattro engine, with the best construction of aluminum monocoque for its most prominent body and gear built. Although it was considered a pretty old item, since its initial introduction in 2006, this version of R8 was already deemed as ‘the greatest handling road car nowadays’. For some more futuristic menu, it has full LED headlamps on the outside, and electronic adjusting systems on the inside.

We’ve finished our list of top 5 supercars of the 21st century. If you have to ask us, we still recommend the Ford GT Supercar, with the best Ford engines of all time, as the most balanced choice in the category. So, which one attracts you the most?

Choosing Car Audio System from Audio Frost

Audio Frost provides you with the best audio products. Using the first-rate car speaker manufacturers will certainly improve the comfort factor inside of your automobile. That’s why a lot of folks are willing to spend numerous amounts of money to modify their cars’ interiors, especially the audio system. One change is often achieved by updating the manufacturer’s audio system with an o.E.M version.

Installing New Audio

Now if you plan to replace the car audio with a higher grade one, make sure you do some research first so you will not get the wrong brand to pick. Make sure you also check the audio quality before sealing your deal. Try to check the quality of the system before installing them on your cars.

If you need further information regarding audio, you can check Audio Frost to get the complete details.

Best Audio System Brands for your Car

  1. Bose

The first amazing automobile speaker recommendation on this list is Bose. This speaker logo works closely with Chevrolet and Maseratti. The leader which is Dr. Amar G. Bose worked with Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Acura. The result, Bose became one of the high-end audio systems for excessive-end car audio enthusiasts.

One example of a Bose hero product to create a harmonious sound tone is the Audio Bose AB-608 BL Car Speaker. A coaxial speaker with huge magnets, excessive best materials, and a 160mm woofer that can create deep bass sound.

  1. Pioneer

Talking about the enjoyment and audio capabilities of your car, it feels incomplete if we don’t discuss Pioneer. This Japanese corporation is known as the first-class fine audio system which has been praised in the field of bass, treble, or amplifier.

If you are interested in picking the brand, you can check a set of coaxial speakers called Pioneer TS0A1675S 300W included within the A series from Pioneer. This heat-resistant Pioneer product also has a Mica Matrix Multilayer cone design that is efficient for being attentive to clean voice tones at any extent level.

Pioneer is one of the great vehicle speaker manufacturers which were founded via Nozomu Matsumoto. The products also come with an attractive layout to captivate the hearts of its consumers. That is why it is not unexpected that this audio is listed within the Sound Quality (SQ) elegance which excellence is never be doubted

  1. Alpine

Not only making high-quality vehicles, but Japan also launched car audio whose greatness could not be underestimated particularly Alpine. Alpine’s merchandise is appropriate for you who want pleasant car speakers. Because, with its subwoofer and electricity amplifier, Alpine products are priced at a relatively low-cost price. One product from Alpine that you could check out is the Alpine Oval Speaker SPJ-691C3 with the 3-way era and its cone IMPP. This product is capable of produce harmonious low, medium or high notes.

Due to the bombastic excellence of Alpine’s audio, the majority of Japanese manufacturers agreed to make Alpine as an audio brand used as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

There are a lot of other cool and fascinating sound systems on the market. If you are interested in getting more info about audio systems and products, you can check

Top 5 Gadgets For Your Swimming Pool

Swimming is one type of fun water sports. But it will be even more fun if the pool used is always maintained. Therefore, make sure you take care of the swimming pool regularly. Of course, you need complete equipment so that the inground pools maintenance that you do can provide maximum results. Tools or gadgets for the treatment of swimming pools themselves are very diverse. On this occasion, we will share info about gadgets for full pool treatment.

Vacuum Head

If you want to cleaning the pool, this floor brush has a function to clean the algae or moss on the pool floor. By using this floor brush, you can brush the moss or algae to the roots. Regarding size and shape, this vacuum head is available in various shapes and sizes too. Each size and shape of this floor brush has relatively the same use.

Leaf Skimmer

This one tool has a function to take out or netting mild dirt that are in the inground pools such as leaves, insects, plastics, and etc. By applying a good mechanical system, the mild impurities can be directed to a skimmer that blends with the circulation system. However, you still have to pay attention to the dirt manually. That way, you can delay the full, the risk of blockage of the circulatory system (skimmer), and maintain the beauty of the pool.

Vacuum Nose

Vacuum nose or hose has a function to lift while sucking up the dirt on the pool floor. The way to use it is to connect it using a vacuum head which previously mentioned above. That way, the dirt at the bottom of the pool can be lifted by a vacuum head and channeled to the shelter (filter) with the help of the hose. Inside the filter, dirt can be filtered and clean water from filtering can be flowed into the pond again. The vacuum nose itself has varying lengths, ranging from 9 m, 12 m to 15 m. That way, you can adjust it to the size and depth of your pool.

Wall Brush

This brush is used to clean the walls of your pool. That way, the walls of the inground pools can avoid moss. This one wall brush has a longer bristle compared to floor brushes.

Telescopic Handle

This telescopic handle functions as a stick grip on the wall brush when you are brushing the floor or wall on the pool. Using this grip stick, you don’t need to go down to the pool or dive to clean the inside of the pool. You can still be at the edge of the pool while cleaning the inside of the pool by using the handle stick.

About size, stick handles consist of various sizes. But in general, this telescopic handle has a length of about 2,5 m and is made of aluminum which is strong and light. More than that, this one tool can be extended only by pulling both ends to reach a maximum length of about 4,8 m. With this length, the brush can reach the bottom of the inground pools. As a result, it will be easier for you to brush the pool floor.

iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR: Which One is The Best?

Do you want to buy a new Smartphone? As we know, there are tons of options of brands you can choose one as the best. One of the popular Smartphone brands worldwide is the iPhone. Do you agree with it? Yes, nowadays, who doesn’t know about the iPhone? It is one of the largest Smartphone companies in this word. These recent days, they launch the new product of iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

If you would like to buy a new smartphone, try to consider buying one of those. Need to notice that technology is developing every time. While you are buying the latest Smartphone, it means you buy the newest technology of Smartphone. For a few months later, the used technology is getting old and old.

Which One is The Best?

If you are interested to buy one of those iPhone series, you have to know about their differences first. The differences in software and so on will guide you to take the best decision for what you need.

Do you want to know slight information related to those iPhone series? Here we go!

Screen Size

If you are willing to have an iPhone with large screen size, you can pick the iPhone XS Max. it is designed for Plus-sized Smartphone. You can get 6.5 inches to display while iPhone XS has 5.65 inches and iPhone XR is 5.94 inches.

If you are looking for a handful Smartphone, the iPhone XR will be the best options for you. It is designed not too big neither too small. It is all up to your decision whether you want to have a Smartphone with its screen size.


Do you wish to have a dual-camera for your new Smartphone? Then, the iPhone XS is the best options for you. When it comes with hand-friendly size, it has another top list of specifications which many people search for. It features with a dual-camera for portrait shots.  While the iPhone XS Max and XR only have a single camera with a 12-megapixel sensor.

Even though they have different camera options, their specification is exactly the same. You can get Smart HDR Capabilities on those iPhone series too.


As the other iPhone products, these iPhone series offer you some storage options. Of course, the biggest storage is offering, the biggest number of money you have to pay out. They offer storage from 64 GB, 256 GB, until 512 GB.

To choose the storage, you need to consider what kind of activities you will do with your Smartphone. If you need an extra large of storage, pick 512 GB of storage from one of those iPhone series, and so on. Just make sure you pick the right storage inappropriate with your necessary and also your budgeting to buy a new Smartphone.

Those are some information you need to know about its iPhone series. Then, have you decided to pick the iPhone XS, XS Max, or XR? Let you choose the one that helps you most to run your daily activity.

The Smart Way of How to Get the Reliable Printer for Your Home

A home office is not a strange thing to have. Recently, choosing the tools and appliances for a comfortable, fully functional home office is important. While you choose the right option for your home, you can consider the right options to make your home office more functional. Completing the appliances will help you a lot to make it comfortable. Choosing the best printer, for example, is recommended. A good, durable printer like Epson Workforce WF-3640 is one of the most recommended printer devices for your home. Choose the best printer that suits your need. But, how do you choose the right, most reliable printer device?

The Simplest Way to Get the Most Reliable Printer

A home office is an important room at home. Especially if you’re a freelancer who works from your home, the printer will be an essential tool for printing the data and documents. Of course, you can choose plenty of printers on the market. But only some of them will be beneficial for your business. To find a good printer, here are some things you should know:

  1. Make sure you know what you need from a printer. You might want to have found the best printer that suits your need at the office. For example, for everyone who wants to print more colored documents, choosing a good colored printer is a must. If you need to print heaps of documents, you also can choose the durable one.
  2. You need to know the right brand to suit your office need. Especially if you love a particular brand, then you can opt to choose them. For example, Epson Workforce WF-3640 is the best option if you are looking for a multifunction printer with a durable body and machine. The printer is an all-in-one device that will help you to deal with workloads.
  3. When it comes to you to opt for a new option, you need to know how you suit the price with the planned budget. Make sure you don’t choose the one with an overly expensive price as it will disadvantage you a lot. When you need a good printer, you can make three options; the affordable one, the average one, and the expensive one. Compare one another to find the most beneficial device.

By considering those things, you can find a good printer for your home office. Remember that you need to choose the right device so you can get the most functional one.

What to Note to Get a Functional Printer

A good printer is not only a matter of brand or price. If you look further, you will see how treatment will make it functional. For example, by choosing the right driver for your printer you can use them optimally. Installing the device will improve how you use the printer for your home office need. It has plenty of benefits to use at the office. Especially if you have an official Epson Workforce WF-3640 driver, you can make them as your most valuable device at home!

5 Wise Tips to Choose The Right Printer before You Buy

It is important for you to have some considerations when you have to buy a printer. Moreover, it is known that nowadays printers come in lots of types with the printer drivers software that you can fit it based on your needs. Therefore, it is important for you to look for the printer in which you can use it effectively so that all your needs will work well.

Take A Consideration Before Buy

Before you decide to buy your printer, it is better for you to pay attention to some things. It leads you to have the best choice that you can find based on your needs. In addition, make sure that you buy the printer in the right place so that you can make the best decision. However, do not let yourself to have lots of options, as it would make you completely confused.

Wise Tips to Do before Buying a Printer

Then, how to select the best printer before we buy? Below tips will help you much!

  • Does it support mobile device connectivity?

Nowadays, the efficiency of printing is good to have, so when you decide to buy a printer, it is good to know whether it supports several connectivities or not. The advanced printer sometimes has connectivity which allows the user to print through the mobile device. You can possibly print out from laptop or any device which is connected or paired to the Wi-Fi that has been installed with printer drivers software.

  • Printing Quality

Most of people will consider print quality as the goal. Moreover, those who are concerned with print photography will select a printer which has vivid and sharp color as the printing quality. Here, you may check the reviews of the printer users for the type that you are looking for.

  • Features

All-in-one printer is the one that people like to have as it does not only manage to print but also support the other activity. Most of the students like to buy a printer which supports scanning and copying. If you require a printer in small activity, this kind of printer will be helpful. On the other hand, those who need a printer for business may have one with a fax machine, copier, and scanner. Therefore, it is good to think about what you need before you buy a printer.

  • Performance

Another thing that you have to consider in selecting a printer is its performance. If you require a printer which has good speed in printing, just search for the types of the printer which manage to do so.

  • Price

In selecting a printer, you should have considered in the matter of the price. The price of the printer may vary as it depends on the spec and quality. Then, you can just get the one which suits your budget and needs.

Overall, those are the tips before you buy a printer. Once you have your own choice, then you need to install it on your PC or laptop with printer drivers software that is available in the package. Select a printer which understands your need and your budget.

Tips For Buying A New 4K RHD TV

TV is one of the electronic devices that are usually in the house, most people have this tool. Apart from being entertainment, tv also usually provides information that is quite important and interesting. So it is not surprising that many of us like watching TV because watching TV can get satisfaction, such as being entertained and so on. The number of TV requests in the market has resulted in tv manufacturers offering good quality TV products, some of which have a 3K revolution, some have 4K. where each TV has a different resolution.

Easy Tips To Ensure Tv Purchased By Rhd Evolves 4k

The demand for RHD TV is increasingly flooding the market, not only in US. RHD TVs usually offer 4K revolutions, but some are only 3K. Therefore, so that we can get a 4K RHD TV, you can use the following tips, including the following:

  1. Knowing that not all 4K RHD TVs

Between TVs that have a 4k revolution with 3k evolves, of course, they have a quite striking difference, one of which is different image quality. TVs that have 4k usually consist of intact pixels which consist of red, green and blue. However, for TV, 3k usually consists of red, green, blue, and white, where white is an empty pixel.

  1. Can distinguish between 4K and 3K

There are easy tips that can be done by consumers in distinguishing between TVs that have a 3k revolution and 4k, which is enough by using a camera from a smartphone, then zooming up to 8 times zoom, then bring it closer to a screen that has white or text on the screen tv. Then we can see it clearly if 4k tv will only look red, green and blue pixels without any white pixels blank. Unlike the 3K TV, which usually also has a blank white pixel. In addition to using a camera from a smartphone, we can also use a magnifying glass to see the pixel of the screen.

Some That Need To Be Considered When Buying A New 4k Hrd Tv

For those of you who want to buy the latest TV with a 4K revolution, now there are a lot of choices that are very diverse which will make us confused in making choices. So, to avoid being confused again, here are things to consider when buying a new 4K HRG TV, including the following:

  1. How big is the size of the tv screen that we need

Sometimes we still assume that the bigger the screen of a TV, the better, but this certainly will not be useful if the space we have is actually narrow, so the size of a large TV will be very unfortunate. Besides that, we also really need to pay attention to the revolution of a TV screen where 4k TV has the best revolution.

  1. What are the features in it

Most of the features on the market are usually TVs that don’t have many features, this is very suitable for us who don’t really need TV features. Most TVs have integrated speakers, but have poor quality. For those who want a TV with good speaker quality, we can buy a soundbar feature.

Well, that was some interesting information and also important that we can convey related to some tips on choosing a new TV that is 4K HR and some things we need to consider when we want to buy a new TV. Hopefully, this article is able to provide information to readers, especially those of us who want to buy TV HRD with the 4k revolution and various considerations before buying. Good luck and good luck!

Excess HP after Root

The rooting system is intended to optimize system performance and improve performance. Before doing rooting, it’s a good idea to ask and consult first with people who already know or experts in their fields. This is to avoid mistakes and things that are not desirable. Users who root Android have administrator access rights to open locked files, so they can completely modify their Android. Then what are the advantages of the Android phone after being one click root?

Adding Storage Space

The default mobile application or bloatware sometimes has a large enough size so it takes up a lot of memory. Though the application is rarely or even almost never you use. If your cell phone is not rooted, you can handle it with the force close of the application from the settings menu. This method is able to shrink the memory used. But if your cell phone is one click root, you can freely delete the application so that the storage space increases and can be filled with other applications.

Free Download Application

Google Play Store is the largest application sales market and is only available on Android phones. Compared to the market in other operations, the Google Play Store has more applications that number has reached thousands. But even though there are thousands, there are several applications that are not found on Google Play. This causes the android users to download it from a web browser. Before being downloaded, sometimes not all applications from the browser can be downloaded. But if it has been one click root, you are free to download applications from anywhere, both pirated and original.

ROM Customization

Rooting your Android phone makes you like a developer who can change, add and even damage existing systems. ROM customization functions to modify the appearance of the cell phone, starting from themes, fonts, keyboards, lock screen, and so on. In addition to adding more internal memory so that it is freer to store various applications.

Improve Custom Kernel Performance

The Custom Kernel is responsible for connecting Android applications to mobile hardware. This custom kernel also works so that battery charging is faster and its usage lasts longer. With the rooting system, the performance of the custom kernel will increase and maximize.

Moving The Application

Certain applications such as Whatsapp or BBM can only be stored on internal memory and cannot be transferred to the external. This causes the internal memory to be potentially full faster and can cause the system to work rather slowly. With root, Android is able to open these restrictions so that applications can be moved to external memory.

Adding Processor Capabilities

The processor is the main component of the cell phone. Function to control all system performance. By over locking the processor on a cell phone that has been rooted, it can increase the processor’s ability to be faster and maximum. Overlock processor is a process of increasing processor speed so that it exceeds the default or standard speed of the cell phone.

Blocking Ads

Ads that often go back and forth in applications, browsers and games sometimes irritate users. Apart from disturbing the view, the number of advertisements also makes the application run slowly. Android root also functions to block all of these ads, by downloading the Adway application. On non-root phones, blocking ads can also be done. But the method isn’t as easy as when your cell phone has been rooted.

Increase Ram Capacity

RAM serves to help the processor to store and monitor applications that are running. The greater the RAM capacity on a cell phone, the multitasking capabilities or the ability of the cell phone to run multiple applications at once at a time, are also getting bigger. But too many applications are opened, it can also cause the phone’s RAM to be full and the system runs slowly. This is often a problem for gamers. So they use root to increase RAM capacity or outsmart it by using the Greenify application which can make working RAM lighter and perform more optimally.

Save Hp Battery Power

The battery is the same as RAM, the energy will quickly run out if too many applications are opened. The limitation is to calibrate the battery to save cell phone battery power. The trick is that after your cell phone has been rooted, you can download the battery calibration in the Google Play Store to calibrate the battery so that its use can last longer.

Data Backup

Mobile phones that have been routed by one click root can not only backup files but also be able to backup applications and systems. This is intended to anticipate if the hp error or application is accidentally deleted. If this happens, then you will need to retrieve the data that has been backed up, so you do not need to re-download the application.

5 Bluetooth Speakers With Prices Below $50

Now, Bluetooth speakers have become a trend that you can make supporting accessories in listening to your favorite music. Famous brands such as Bose, JBL, or Sony also sell speakers with wireless technology. Even immigrant brands such as Xiaomi and MiFa also do not want to be left behind to enliven the market with various types, such as products equipped with mics, NFC features, and waterproof capabilities. Want to know what speakers are priced below $50? Let’s check it.

Sonicgear Morro 3 Btmi

As a cheap and quality bluetooth speaker, Sonicgear displays the BTMI Morro 3 with a stylish, multimedia design. The subwoofer of this speaker set has a bass controller that can be adjusted by the user. Now, you can adjust the bass you want to listen to from your speaker. In addition to being able to connect with a smartphone or PC via bluetooth, Sonicgear Morro 3 BTMI also presents a USB port and SD Card Reader which of course makes it easier for you to listen to music without the need to connect to a device such as a smartphone.

Sonicgear Titan 7 Btmi

For those of you who buy speakers with aesthetics, the BTMI Sonicgear Titan 7 is the right choice. Although both are sold at $40, such as the BTMI Morro 3, the Sonicgear Titan 7 BTMI looks more beautiful with 7 colors pulsating LEDs. Both the subwoofer and the two satellites are both equipped with 7 colors LED lights. Speaking of audio quality, this speaker also provides the best audio quality in its class. You can connect this speaker to a smartphone, USB, SD Card, up to FM Radio. Sonicgear Titan 7 BTMI is a speaker with bass that is ready to shake your room.

Nakamichi NBS2N

Its small shape makes it more practical to be carried anywhere. Yes, it is Nakamichi NBS2N which is a tiny bluetooth speaker with 4 hours of durability. This speaker is a type of bluetooth speaker, but you can also connect speakers with AUX cable on laptops that do not have a Bluetooth connection. Regarding the sound quality, this mini speaker is not inferior to Sonicgear or Simbadda class speakers. You will get audio quality that is not bad, but also not exactly special. Nakamichi NBS2N is sold for around $50.

Fenda W330BT

The next 2.1 speaker is the Fenda W330BT. This device is included in the list of cheap bluetooth speakers because the price is only $50. The speaker design is also interesting to display in the room. Not only that, but the Fenda W330BT can also be connected with the latest smartphone or tablet, provided that the device is accompanied by a bluetooth connection. There is an LED that functions as a power indicator and a bass and treble control panel. The sound produced by the Fenda W330BT is quite satisfying thanks to the subwoofer with 6.5 “drivers and two satellites with 2.5” drivers. This speaker is very compatible to support listening to music or playing games.

Dbe PS99

Do you crave a portable bluetooth speaker that is practically carried anywhere? DbE PS99 is the right choice to answer your needs. Regarding prices, these speakers are only sold for $40, cheaper than the three speakers we reviewed earlier. The audio produced by the PS99 DBE is quite satisfying because the sound that comes out sounds loud and powerful. Although the size is not too large, this speaker offers sound with a powerful bass and clear treble. In fact, the PS99 DbE is also equipped with FM Radio. This is really a cheap bluetooth speaker with a qualified specification.