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Toyota Camry vs Toyota Solara

Toyota has two of the most popular car models, even though this happened in 1998 and 2009. The two most popular Toyota car models are the Toyota Camry Standard and the Toyota Camry Solara.

Camry fans, of course, have been waiting for the launch of the 2023 Toyota Camry, which is certain of the latest design and more sophisticated car specifications. Toyota Camry is known as the car with the most fuel-efficient.

Back again with the two most popular car models made by Toyota, namely the Toyota Camry and Toyota Solara, there are differences between these two car models.

Although the features of these two cars are similar, there are some important differences that you should know, especially if you are a Toyota Camry lover. Before discussing the differences between the two, it’s good to know the history of the Toyota Camry first.

History of Toyota Solara

The latest generation Toyota Camry was launched in 2019 with three variants, namely Hybrid, V, and G. The 2023 Toyota Camry is one of the most awaited cars because of its low price and high specifications.

Toyota Camry is known as a fuel-efficient family car. This is what makes the Camry very popular among other SUV cars.

Meanwhile, the Toyota Solara itself has been in production since 1988. The Toyota Solara itself is a Camry car with a two-door version that makes it sportier.

For additional information, the Toyota Solara is a replacement for the Toyota Camry Coupe which was launched in 1984. The Toyota Solara itself comes with a sporty design, especially for people who want to buy a Camry.

Toyota Solara has an engine with four cylinders and more power than the standard Toyota Camry engine. In addition, the Toyota Solara also has a stereo that can be upgraded and there are sports options.

Difference between Toyota Camry vs Toyota Solara

The 2023 Toyota Camry is one of the most awaited family cars of the year. Moreover, this Toyota Camry is a re-designed car from the previous version.

Engine upgrades and other features are definitely in this latest version of the Toyota Camry. Comes with a four-cylinder engine that makes fuel consumption more efficient.

If you are considering choosing a Toyota Camry, here are some differences between the Toyota Camry and Toyota Solara:

  • Performance

Talking about performance, the Toyota Camry is still at the top of the family car ranking as the most economical in terms of fuel use because of the presence of a four-cylinder engine.

The Toyota Camry can get a mileage of 22 miles per gallon to be able to drive across the city and requires 22 miles per gallon to be able to drive on the highway.

Meanwhile, the Toyota Solara, which has more power than the Camry, offers a V-6 option for the 2002 car and has a higher performance.

Unlike the mileage on the Toyota Camry, the Solara can reach 19 to 23 miles per gallon for city driving. Plus, it’s 26 to 33 miles per gallon for the Solara to be able to drive on the highway.

  • Exterior

The exterior between the Toyota Camry and Toyota Solara is quite striking. Because the Toyota Solara has a two-door car design that makes it sportier.

While the Camry has four doors that impress as a family car. Toyota Solara has a slimmer look with a V-6 engine inside.

While the Toyota Camry has a look that is more like a family car that is comfortable for long-distance travel.

  • Additional Features

Toyota Solara offers various additional features such as sports suspension, performance tires, a 6-disc CD changer, and leather upholstery on the car seats. In addition, you can also get aluminum wheels with a size of 16 inches.

Toyota Solara with the latest version also features a radio, navigation system, satellite radio, MP3 support, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Unfortunately, the Toyota Solara has been discontinued in 2009. The reason is the decline in sales that continues throughout the year because many people prefer the Toyota Camry for a family car.

The 2023 Toyota Camry can be a family car that is suitable for you. With a four-cylinder engine, you will feel the journey with a more economical fuel.

Tips for Choosing 3D Video Production House

What is 3D Animated Video?

3D animation video is a type of video that uses several 3D images as the basis for creating animations. 3D animated videos usually take a long time to produce. Not just anyone can make quality 3D animated videos. Currently, one of the best 3D animation video production houses is a production house based in Bali.

Tips for Choosing 3D Animation Video Creation Services

There are several tips for choosing the best 3D animation video creation service:

  1. Experienced Editor

The first is a production house that has experienced video editors. It is undeniable that experience is one of the most important things in 3D animation video production. Make sure you choose a production house that has experienced editors so that it can produce 3D animated videos of the highest quality.

The reputation of a video editor must also be considered when using the services of a production house. This will make it easier for companies to find video editors who can meet the criteria set by the company. Every company has its standards when it comes to choosing a video editor.

  1. High Computer Specification

The second is to choose a production house that has a computer with high specifications. The high specifications of the computer indicate that production is serious about working on a project. In addition, the high specifications of the computer will also help editors to minimize errors during the 3D animation video production process.

Production houses of course require high-specification software and hardware to improve the quality of 3D images. This 3D image will be used as the basic material for producing 3D animated videos. You need to know that the production house based in Bali has a computer with high specifications for 3D animation videos.

  1. Have an Experienced 3D Drawing Designer

The third is to choose a production house that has experienced 3D drawing designers. In a 3D animation video project, the production house will generally offer a team of several people to work on it. So, some people will reveal to complete the project.

One member of the team is a 3D image designer. To produce quality 3D images, of course, requires experienced designers. With quality basic materials, the resulting 3D animation video is of course also of high quality. Therefore, you should choose a production house that has the best 3D animation designer.

  1. Have Complete Equipment

The fourth is to choose a production house that has complete equipment. Complete equipment indicates that a production house has entered a professional level. The complete equipment in the studio can certainly facilitate the process of making 3D animation videos and improve the quality of 3D animation videos.

If the location of the production house that you want to collaborate with is close to your company, you should come directly to the studio with office employees who understand studio equipment. Knowing directly the equipment in the studio will provide information about the location of the production house.

  1. Attractive Website Display

The fifth is to choose a production house that has an attractive website display. Most production houses use the website as a medium for promotion. An attractive website display can be an indicator that the production house can produce quality 3D animated videos.

On its website, a production house usually also displays a portfolio of projects that have been done to date. This track record is usually a guide for companies or government entities to use the services of a production house. Choose a production house with an attractive website and portfolio display. One of the production houses with the best website and portfolio is a AVB.ASIA.

5 Popular Games Among Teenager

For a teenager, entertainment is an important aspect of being able to keep oneself happy. In ancient times, a teenager played games with his friends, in today’s digital era, he mostly spent their time playing video games. That’s why they are now looking for free Fortnite skins for by browsing the internet. Moreover, nowadays video games can be played with their friends online.

The number of games available today often makes some teenagers confused to choose what games are suitable and fun for their age. Information about this is sometimes also needed to let them know about recommendations regarding games that are suitable for them. The following are some examples of popular games among teenagers.

Strawdew Valley

This game is quite popular among teenagers if they want to play a game using PS4 or Xbox. This game presents a simulator of how to care for gardens and farms. So when playing this game you will be given the task of being able to take care of your garden, whether it is planting vegetables to taking care of livestock. This game is very suitable for teenagers because it does not contain the slightest amount of violence and of course, it is also labeled for everyone (E).


This game is very popular with teenage boys who like action shooters. When playing this game, you will be asked to fight or eradicate your enemies who are none other than other sailors. Your mission is to kill all players and survive to become 1st place because the system of this game is a battle royale. Even this game is also very popular among adults though. Naturally, how many people are looking for free Fortnite skins.

Portal 2

If you like adventures that have a puzzle nuance, this game is highly recommended for you. So the point when playing it is that you will be asked to explore the entire laboratory using a portal. You can also fight the guards inside by using weapons. This game is highly recommended for teenagers because teenagers themselves are quite stubborn and don’t want to lose. That’s why it’s not surprising that this game always provides challenges so that the players are always confused and lost with the riddles in it.


Football sports games, especially football, are quite popular among teenagers because they can be played multiplayer with their friends. This game that you can play using a cellphone or PC is very interesting to play because there are several interesting features available, such as futsal or other models. But this only applies to the latest FIFA releases. But there’s no need to worry because the old FIFA output is no less interesting to play.


This PS4 game is one of the most popular games because it is interesting to play a long storyline and must be careful. The game begins when a mysterious explosion breaks all contact from the space station. You won’t find a fight while playing it because you just have to explore each room and find records to find out the cause of the explosion.

By reading some of the recommendations above, now you know about what games are very popular among teenagers today. But the fact remains that Fortnite is the best-selling and most popular game, so the search for free Fortnite skins is also done to make them not have to spend money on skins.

Understanding the Profession of Business Brokers

In today’s industry, working as a business broker is one promising thing to consider. If you want to experience something fun, you might get the broker as your business. When it comes to you to work as a business broker, you might get so many things to consider. But, you might get anything that will soon be a good consideration for you. Don’t hesitate to get a good Forex broker if you’re new in this industry. Besides, to become a good broker you need to know how you can get them right. So, make sure you get whatever it is to maintain your business. So, we will give you some things that will be perfect.

The Best Way to Be a Business Broker

Are you looking forward to being a good broker in Forex trading? If you really want to be a good trader, you need to know how you can do them. As you find the best of it, you can get them right. Therefore, you will get what to know how you can be a good broker and get them as your profession. In this article, we’ll give you some info about what you can do to be a good broker:

  1. First, when you plan to be a good broker, then you have to know how you can get them. Being a good broker is not as easy as it seems. Being a broker is not always about the good manner. You might find it to be challenging at first, but you need to know everything before you start your career as a broker. Make sure you can understand what things you need to know about the industry. By considering it, you will get anything you need for it.
  2. Second, make sure you know how to get them for your need. Being a broker means you need to be people-oriented. It can boost your career if many people love being with you. Working as a broker is also a good thing to consider. Don’t hesitate to choose a good role model if you want to know how to be a good broker in Forex trading. Indeed, a role model will give you indicators on what things you need to boost.
  3. Forex brokers are also good to consider if you want to work as a broker. Remember, a broker in Forex trading needs to be smart. So, you also need to be sharp when considering many things. Don’t hesitate to choose some of the best things to improve your qualification. It might be hard, but you will not get anything if you want to be a broker. When you want to work as a broker, you will also need to get them right.

Those are some things you can do when you want to be a good broker. You might want to find the best mentor for being a good broker. But, you will get whatever it takes to learn from the pro. By considering this aspect, you will experience a good mentorship with the professional.

The Simple Way to Be a Professional Broker

If you want to work as a professional broker, then you need to know how you consider them. Learning as a broker will never be wrong. You can get a mentor by getting them simply by choosing the work. When it comes to you to work in a good environment, you will also find the best result when working. Never hesitate about the work because it will give you the authority when you work for it. When you want to be a good broker, then you will need so many things. Starting from the work as a broker, you can always win the market if you learn from the professional Forex brokers.

4 Steps to Keep Your Factory Hygiene

Generally speaking, there is no exact standard when it comes to determining a safe or unsafe factory. Thus, the need of a regulation is actually very real this time. However, Parker Distributor Indonesia is committed to make sure each worker and equipment used in the factory has been qualified according to certain criteria prior to responsible work ethic and production. Most of the times, the company uses their own assessment in order to provide the best work practices based on the most hygiene condition possible.

It is very important for company to plan this kind of procedure way ahead, so it will be ready for wherever urges to be anticipated. According to a data, 25% of severely impacted business would likely never to reopen. It is not exaggerating to say that all kinds of business are still vulnerable to disasters, and are encouraged to have strong operating foundation in order to prevent losses in the future.

4 Steps to Keep Hygiene in The Factory

To develop and maintain safe environment at work, Parker Distributor Indonesia has applied these 4 steps, especially in terms of keeping the factory hygiene.

  1. Gradually review the factory action plan

According to the law, a factory of more than 10 employees is required to own and conduct a written action plan, including the one with emergency plan. It’s always been a good idea to hold a meeting before applying the plan, plus a meeting sometimes after the plan is being applied. A discussion that facilitates participants of all layers would induce awareness and acknowledgement about how important the operations are to be done according to the plan.

  1. Perform analysis

The goal of performing an analysis towards each activity in the factory is to identify the possible hazards before they even occur, and prevent them as early as possible. Various things can happen quite often unpredictably. Therefore, some changes may be needed as well to improve and maintain the quality of workers, tasks, and equipment.

  1. Prevent illness and injury

Anyone who work in unhealthy places are prone to illness and injury. It may not be recognizable when we’re talking about business in large scale, but signs and symptoms of any of them should still be treated well if we really want to conduce factory overall safety. How the management can make it happen, includes offering protective tools and prevent fatigue. The earlier, the better.

  1. Highlight the company rules

Finally, bring the company rules and attentions to the workers and how they handle the equipment will more likely to raise their effort in keeping the work hygiene and safe as well. A recommended thing to do includes developing more interactive, yet understandable communication methods, to deliver the messages, such as giving signage, floor marking, and way-finding. This way, every layer of participant at the factory will have more drive to be determined in performing their duties.

So, those are the 4 steps from Parker Distributor Indonesia to keep the factory hygiene. Feel free to implicate them yourself for a better work environment.

Find Out the Uses and Benefits of Activated Charcoal Here

Charcoal Indonesia has started to rise in the term of popularity. In fact, activated charcoal was commonly known as a universal antidote. The ones specifically coming from tropical country like Indonesia has made it even better.

The substance keeps on being promoted as the world’s nowadays natural treatment. People starts to notice it because of its benefits, mostly in medical world. The substance is believed to have the ability to whiten teeth, cure hangover, and even lower cholesterol level.

Getting to Know about Activated Charcoal

Let’s get to know better first about the substance. It is black powder that is formed from bone char, coal, coke, peat, coconut shells, and olive pits or sawdust. The term activated is derived from the process the materials have gone through. Each of them is processed finely at a very high temperature to convert its internal structure into something more porous than the regular charcoal briquettes.

Learning about How Activated Charcoal Works

Charcoal Indonesia has the ability to bind chemicals. This ability comes from its porous texture from the “activated” process before, and such texture creates negative electrical charge that will attract positively to the molecules of chemicals and toxins. Many scientific works have resulted in a conclusion that activated charcoal won’t be absorbed by human’s body and only come out of our body as feces.

Uses and Benefits of Activated Charcoal

  1. Poison treatment

Thanks to its characteristics, activated charcoal has been scientifically proven to treat poisoning. It binds toxic properties, so it will perform variety uses in medical needs, including treating poisoning, by trapping drugs and reducing the effects that may happen in human.

  1. Improve kidneys function

Activated charcoal has been tested to be able to improve kidneys function. It reduces the waste products that it helps the kidneys to do the filtration alone. Specifically for someone suffering from kidney disease, the help from activated charcoal will sure be needed to remove and filter toxins from the body.

  1. Reduce cholesterol level

As it’s been said before, it is able to bind chemicals, so it’ll bind cholesterol and cholesterol-containing acids as well and prevent them to be absorbed by the body. Some studies show that larger dosage of activated charcoal would perform the most effective result.

  1. Cure hangover

In so many times, activated charcoal have successfully cured hangovers. Consuming it after drinking alcohol may reduce the alcohol level in blood. Therefore the aftereffect may not so severely happen.

  1. Whiten teeth

Do you ever find a toothpaste with Charcoal Indonesia in it? If you do, you will know now that is none other because activated charcoal indeed can whiten teeth in form of an ingredient in a toothpaste. This substance, while cooperating with other basic toothpaste chemicals, will help absorbing compounds and plaques that are staining our teeth.

Finally, activated charcoal that comes from Charcoal Indonesia can be said as an item with variety medical use and benefits. There have been researches that show the medical advantages linked to activated charcoal, but be aware of the possibility of side effects. The bottom line is to always consult with experts before deciding to use it.

Watch Newest 2019 Cartoons Online

Did you know that in today’s age of the internet, you can watch cartoons online? Even in 2019, there are still many people who like cartoons, even adults! That’s right, not just kids, but people from multiple generations still love to watch cartoons. Cartoon lovers like to watch their favorite shows by various means such as visiting movie theaters or buying DVDs. For people who can afford internet subscriptions, they can also watch cartoons online. There are many streaming services that provide a lot of cartoon titles to watch.

Watching Cartoon in 2019

Even today, many people still like to watch cartoons. It is believed that more adults watch cartoons in today’s generation compared to the previous one. It is, of course, related to the kids from previous decades have grown up. Those kids who grew up with cartoons carry the hobby to their adult lives. Since technology has come a long way, people no longer stuck in television or CD disks to watch cartoons. With the internet, you can also watch cartoons online from various streaming services.

List of Newest Cartoons in 2019

Here is the list of a few best cartoons released in 2019:

  1. Frozen II (3D Cartoon/Animation)

Anna and Elsa are back in their highly anticipated sequel, Frozen II. The previous title was a huge hit and very popular among the kids. That does not mean the older people don’t like it though. If you browse the movie on the internet, you can find a lot of adult people talk about the movie Frozen. In Frozen II, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and their friends are going to get into an adventure to save their kingdom. If you have watched the first movie, Frozen II is definitely a cartoon to keep an eye on. If you haven’t, then you need to watch the movie before the internet spoilers ruin your experience.

  1. Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (2D Cartoon/Animation)

Superhero movies have great adult audiences. Thus, it is no longer proper to say that someone acts like a child when that person is watching a superhero cartoon movie. In this Wonder Woman cartoon movie, Wonder Woman tries to help a troubled girl. Her name is Vanessa who fell into a deadly organization so-called Villainy Inc.

  1. Promare (2D Anime)

An anime-style movie from Japan set in the futuristic mecha setting. It is directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and written by Kazuki Nakashima. The movie tells a story about a firefighting unit in the future created to protect the world.

Those are some unique, popular, highly anticipated movies of 2019. As you can see, cartoons and animation movies are very much liked around the world. It is getting more and more well-known since the widespread of the internet. If you have access to an internet subscription, you can easily watch cartoons from various streaming services on demand. That’s right, you don’t have to wait for cartoon airing schedules. Now you can control when you want to watch cartoons online. This is why online cartoon streaming services are really well-liked by most cartoon lovers.

Most Effective Methods For Quality Sleep

Often, your busy life at school or office makes your quantity or quality of sleep neglected. In fact, humans can’t survive without sleep. Lack of sleep or not sufficient quality of sleep makes your body limp. So, it’s important for you to always fall asleep with good quality every day. If you want to know how to have quality sleep, in this article we will share tips so that you can apply in your daily life. Also, we want to share you some obstructive sleep apnea symptoms that some of you might have, and some ways to prevent and to treat this obstructive sleep apnea.

Some of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Some people couldn’t recognize themselves that they have these symptoms because these signs usually occur while sleeping. However, several symptoms can be detected while you’re awake such as feeling sleepiness during daytime excessively, awakening in the morning with sore throat and dry mouth, also includes headache in the morning. And the symptoms that is loud and clear is snoring so loud while sleeping. If these symptoms occur to you, you might want to consider several tips that I would like to describe here to help you improve your sleeping quality so you will be recharged effectively in the morning when you wake up.

Recognize Your Rest Cycle

Sleep and wake up at the same time every day will improve the quality of your rest. Your body will be more accustomed to a consistent pattern. As a result, your body does not need a long time to get ready to sleep and wake up. You will also be easier to sleep and wake up every day. If your sleep pattern is still not regular now, use alarm help to make sure you sleep and wake up at the same time. Remember, don’t push the snooze button. After a few days, your body will begin to remember the pattern by itself. This natural arrangement of your body will be a far more effective alarm than even five alarm clocks.

Drink Warm Chocolate Milk Or Take a Hot Shower

Cold temperatures can cause you to feel sleepy. Shortly before going to sleep, your body will experience a decrease in temperature naturally. Your body will be at its lowest temperature when you sleep. Even so, warming your body before going to bed can actually speed up the process. Once you have finished bathing in warm water, your body will experience a drop in temperature faster than normal. Similarly, if you drink a glass of warm milk. This decrease in temperature will cause greater drowsiness. Well, now you know how to get sleepy.

Rest Your Eyes

If it’s still not dark, you can use the sleeping mask. Light actively blocks the production of melatonin in the body. Melatonin is a hormone that makes us recognize drowsiness. Therefore, resting your eyes from all forms of light will greatly help your sleep. You can go to sleep in a dead light too. But it doesn’t stop there, resting your eyes from electronic equipment that produces light such as handphones, tablets or televisions will also greatly help you sleep.

Calm Your Heart and Mind

Sleep is a time when you have to let go of the burden of your mind. When your bedtime has arrived, try not to think about things that make you dizzy. Your sleep time needs to be utilized as much as possible to rest. Align your body’s need to rest with the mind that is also ready for rest. If indeed there are things that are very disturbing to the mind, give suggestions to yourself that your task today is over. You will solve the problem tomorrow, with the body that has been fit again. After all, there’s no benefit if you keep forcing yourself to think about the problem.

Divert Your Favorite Nighttime Activities To Do In the Morning

If you have a habit before going to sleep, try doing these things in the morning. You may often be awake to stay up late at night to read books, watch TV series, or browse social media. Well, rather than losing your valuable rest time, just do your favorite things in the morning. Besides not disturbing your sleep, you can also be more motivated to sleep faster and get up early. Play with your smartphone while eating breakfast is fun too. That’s just a few reviews about the importance of maintaining healthy sleep habits. I hope this about some tips to manage good sleep, and also some obstructive sleep apnea symptoms can be useful for all of you.

What Things Should I Know Before Selecting Blackheads Remover Products?

Having blackheads on the face is an annoying thing for women. They are so tiny and spreading to the face. Their appearances make your face shows its dullness. That is the reason why women do not like to have blackheads on their faces. There are some ways to get rid of blackheads so that your face may keep clean.

The Problem of Having Blackheads

In the situation when your face is having lots of blackheads, it means that you need to have treatment in a routine. Those whose skin has blackheads belong to the oily type of skin. On the other hand, those who have a combination type of skin may also have blackheads on their face. Commonly, they come on the T-zone of your face.

Blackheads come as the clogged oil in your pores so, it makes the dullness. Now, you can even get easier in order to remove the blackhead from your skin since there are so many products for it. They claim that the blackheads can be removed so that your face will be totally clean.

How to Select the Best Product?

Sometimes, the use of blackheads remover products is working well on your face. However, not all the women who use any kind of them work on their faces. Some even cannot see any change on their faces and the blackhead are still stuck.

Therefore, it would be good for you to know the things before you try to use the blackheads remover.

  • See the ingredients

Before trying to use the blackhead remover product, you have to know the ingredients contained in that product. It is good to select the product which contains salicylic acid, retinoid, antibiotics, and benzoyl peroxide. Those are good to remove all the blackheads of your face. They come in some variants of texture, such as lotion, cream, gels, soaps, and so on.

  • Find out the way to use

Another thing that you have to know before trying the product is how to use the product. It is known that sometimes in using a product, you need to follow the steps written on the package. You may select the one that you think you will feel comfortable with. Some people like to have a little complicated step, and some like to have an efficient one. That depends on your favor.

  • People’s review

Nowadays, it is very easy to find out whether this skincare product is good or not based on the user review. Believe it or not, this way is completely working when you are in doubt of selecting which the best one is. Then, if you like to get rid of blackheads, use the blackhead remover which has the best review from the users. This way does work on you.

  • Effectiveness

In selecting a product of blackhead remover, you need to think whether this product will be effective on you or not. The way is you need to recognize if this product is good for your type of skin. Always remember that a product is made for a certain type of skin only. If you use the one which is not suitable with your skin type, you may well have the side effect which makes your skin worse.

  • Price

Another thing which is less considered in selecting the blackhead remover product is the price. There are lots of products available in the market with a variation of prices and you can see how much the worth is. Always be wise in selecting the product and think whether is it worth to buy. If you can be responsible and take advantage in selected products, just take it home.

Those are the things that you have to know in selecting the blackheads remover products. Among the products available, you can actually select the one which suite to your skin in some considerations. This is good for you so that you can get the benefit of the product you buy. When you already know how to get rid of blackheads, then you should do it in a routine. You have lots of activities every day which make your skin get the UV light, dust, sebum and many things which make blackheads on your face. Routine treatment will make your skin keep clean and even brighter.

3 Best Places to Listen to Free Music Online

Singing and music are two things that will never be separated. For you who like to singing and get a cover song, so you must know some of the best applications to record and play the music. Even some people will not like to record their voice, these sites let them listen to every singer that they like the most. In fact, you can find a lot of sites or application that you can listen to music. For you who like to listen to music for free and want to record your voice, here is the best recommendation for you.

Best Sites to Listen to Your Favorite Music for Free

As you may know, there is a lot of places where you can listen to your music. However, there are only some sites or applications that have free access for you. Both for commercial or cover song, you can easily find them on the music sites bellows:

  • SoundCloud

SoundCloud has been introduced since early 2013, then it becomes bigger and knowable. What makes this application different from other kinds of music sites is the user can upload their own music or cover. Besides listening to other voices, the users can even upload theirs. It must be an amazing one. Moreover, SoundCloud is first known as the application where you can find a lot of cover song.

Recently, SoundCloud upgraded their feature which allowed the user to upgrade their account to be premium. If the free account has limited upload time, so the premium account has no limited upload time. There is no far different system for both account, both free or premium are the best choice.

  • Tidal

For the high quality music streaming, Tidal is the best recommendation. It is the first music streaming sites which has been supported by the High Fidelity music. That’s why you will get experience with HiFi music. Moreover, there is also various playlist which especially served for you. However, make sure that you use the 3G/4G connection on Google Chrome avoiding the interrupted streaming.

  • Deezer

Deezer must be the newest one. Since it is not accessible for every country yet, so it has not yet popular yet among the others. Still, you can get the most high quality music from this site. What makes it different from others is the connection with the user’s social media account. You can connect with your social media’s friends through these streaming sites. It is so interesting, isn’t it?

What do You Like the Most?

Besides three sites above which are highly recommended, actually, there are still a lot of music streaming sites that you can use. Nowadays, you can also even access not only the commercial song but also the cover song from various musicians. However, you cannot find the applications or sites for fully free. Basically, there will be two options for premium and free. You can choose the free one as long as the features will not highly different from each other. Streaming music will let your day be brighter.