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Promote Your Brand with Business Band Social Media

The blog is one the internet marketing strategy that we can do to promote our business. Managing a blog also requires a special strategy.

Especially if the blog that we build for promotion. There are several things that we must pay attention to the internet create our business blog content.

Before creating content, you need to download newest WordPress plugin so that the quality of your blog is getting better.

Benefits Using Blogs for Promotion

Consumers will get bored if they are given promotional content continuously. But we can outsmart it by using blog content.

We can create business blog content that is useful for consumers. This means that we do not only promote our business but also provide education to consumers.

You can create educational content whether related to your business or not. The point is to provide varied content for customers so they don’t get bored.

How to Promote Business Through Blogs

There are various ways to promote your business through articles on blogs. You don’t need to make continuous promotional articles.

The purpose of creating a blog is to build branding and establish communication with customers. When they see your business blog full of useful content, they will read it.

In contrast to your blog which contains promotional content, customers will quickly get bored and don’t buy the products you sell.

Then how to promote our brand through blogs? Here’s how:

  1. Build customer trust

To promote a brand, you need to increase trust. When customers believe in your business, they will become loyal customers.

Build trust through blogs. How you can provide useful content related to your product.

Give them information about the advantages of your product and what customers get when they buy your product.

  1. Create Quality Content

After you download newest WordPress plugin, then you must create quality content. What kind of quality content?

Quality content is content that pays attention to the content and structure of the content. The quality of the content is seen from how the title, writing, and pictures.

You can create articles with interesting structures. Such as short and simple sentences, short but quality explanations.

Create article content that is easy for customers to understand. Give the topic of discussion that is being discussed a lot.

  1. Blog Promotion in Online Forums

After creating quality content, you are obliged to promote your blog in online forums. You can join the Facebook group, Whatsapp, or share in online forums.

Online forums usually provide a specific forum for discussion. Promote your blog in online forums.

  1. Share blog content on social media

Even though you use a blog for brand promotion, you should still use social media. The goal is to attract readers.

The internet is a place where people search for things. But to increase blog visitors, you need to promote your blog. One of them is through social media.

You can update the post of one of the posts on your blog. Use the “swipe up” feature in Instagram Stories to direct your followers to the blog.

  1. Contact Blog Visitors Wit Personally Message

This method is considered quite effective for building relationships and communication with customers. The blog will display anyone who reads and comments on the articles that we make.

We can provide feedback via personal messages via email. Give messages such as thank you and messages to visit your business website.

When readers are given a message, they feel valued and you have succeeded in building trust.

You can download newest WordPress plugin to make the quality of your blog even better. Those are promotion tips using blogs.

Learnerships and Internships Differences

Learnerships 2020 becomes a way of some people to develop skills for the job. Nowadays, looking for some jobs becomes extreme competition. Getting a good job is one of the toughest tasks. To get a good job someone must have theoretical and practical knowledge. That is why gaining experience and skills are very important. Regarding to get that, someone can have two types of ways for experiencing an exposure to work, namely Learnerships and Internships. However, there are some differences between both that will be sharing below.

What are The Differences between Learnerships and Internships?

Although both of them are different, learnerships and internships are two programs in which someone can gain knowledge with experience. Here are the main differences:

  • Learnerships is an approach or program that is used by a company on gaining real work experience to develop and improve individual skills to anyone without any qualification of education, while Internships is a job training program by given to students on their qualified degree to give them real work experience about the workplace.
  • Company rules and regulations apply to a learner, but they do not apply to an intern.
  • Learnerships is a work-based program focusing on theory and experience that is mostly paid while Internships is focused on the job training that may be paid or maybe not.
  • In contract learnership, it includes learners, employers, and training providers. Then during the theoretical training period will be facilitated by the provider. While the aspect of practice is facilitated by the employer. On the other hand, an intern, there is the only agreement that only involves the intern and the company or the employer.
  • Learnership is based on the level of National Qualification Level or NQL, so the Interns are allowed to gain a national qualification while they are working simultaneously. While Internship qualifications outcome is not regulated to a particular qualification.
  • The duration of Learnerships is usually more than Internships. However, it would be varied depends on the agreement that is taken.
  • The condition in the workplace also may be varied. When someone is doing learnerships 2020, sometimes they experience unfair or difficult working conditions. While those who are doing an internship often also being exploited like they are considered to be cheap labor.
  • Learnership is prepared to get at certain skills needed by companies with programs. Simply, a learner may become an employee for the company. It is different from the internship, which is a collaboration program focused on students to apply the theory that has been learned at their school or university, without any guarantee of being an employee of the company.

The Advantages between Learnerships and Internships

Experiencing real work exposure is important for us to be applied later when we are ready for entering the real work. Both Learnerships 2020 and Internship give someone to gain this matter of exposure. Then, after experiencing this, you will get more confidence. In addition, you can obtain practical knowledge, improve ethics in the workplace, and improve communication skills.

Choosing the Best Social Media Converters 2019

Living in this era in which social media is rapidly showing the magnificent of its advanced feature is a blessing of life. People define social media as one of the important fragment that enlightens their life. The meaning of social media is a technology that facilitates the sharing of thought, information and ideas through the diverse network.

What Is The Most Visited Social Media?

One of the most visited social media is Facebook. Facebook which is created by Mark Zuckerberg gives easy access to the valuable photos and videos uploaded by its users. Those videos are successfully lured people to watch them many times. Regarding the efficient of the time, people tend to choose to save all the video they like so they can watch them easily. There are several kinds of social media video converter that can be used to convert Facebook to mp4.

What Are The Best Social Media Converters 2019?

  1. FBMP4

FBMP4 is one of the best social media converts. People can easily convert any kinds of videos from Facebook. People really appreciate their time so they will choose anything that takes a short time to do. FBMP4 is the solution for what they want. It is free so people will not require spending their money to be able to download any videos they want. They do not need to fill the registration that is considered a long boring process by some of the people to be able to download video from Facebook. Thus, people can directly write down or copy the URL in it and their video will come out on the screen. Then, the download button is the last thing they need to click to get their desired videos.

  1. Getfvid

Getfvid can be the right choice to convert Facebook to mp4 because it can download not only public video from Facebook but also private videos from Facebook. People can do it by typing down to grant them access to convert any private videos. It is super beneficial and convenient tool since people usually cannot download any private videos. Getfvid allows people to capture the video. Still, they have to remember about copyright. People can access it easily since it is users-friendly. No need to type their respected information about themselves because this kind of information is not required. They just need to grab the URL they can find on Facebook and copy it the available room. There are numerous formats that they can choose. The formats are .m4a, .mp3, .wav, .aac, .ogg, .mp4, .avi, .m4v, .webm, and .flv.

  1. Video Converter mp4

The third choice that people can be picked is Video Converter mp4. It has the same meaningful and helpful feature that people need the most as two video converters above that is they do not need to enter their data on it if they want to use this video converter. There is no limitation on the numbers of video that they can download. They can download a thousand of them if they want to. Besides, it can download videos in a quick time so people will not worry about their time. The same method applied as two video converters above. They only rewrite the URL and paste it in the search field then click to convert video from Facebook to mp4.

FBMP4, Getfvid, and Video Converter mp4 are the best choice most of the people can choose to download people’s treasured videos from Facebook to mp4. Since there is no registration needed, they can quickly convert those videos in a minute. Now, people can enjoy their offline videos every day.

Do Social Media Help Your Marriage?

Social media is one of the platforms to keep in touch with others. Many people use social media to know what each other did and feel. Even you have taken or single, social media still becomes one of the important things in our life. We don’t want to out of date about our friend’s information, do we? Social media is also the media to save my marriage today.

How Can Social Media Help Your Marriage?

Many of us think that social media only ruins their life marriage. Well, it is not a hundred percent false. As long as the couples have a commitment to do not chat or get close to the others, social media will help you to get through life marriage.

If you just concern to the negative sides of social media, then all you can get is just the negative one, and so on. If you see there will be the positive sides of social media to your marriage, you will be thankful for it.

So, how social media can save my marriage today? This is how social media works:


As we can see, many social media users use their account to share what they feel at that time. Furthermore, many of them use social media to post their holiday photograph at the same time too. For this condition, if your partner has done something like that, it helps you a lot to stay in touch no matter how far the distance between you and your partner.

An example, if your partner is going to somewhere without you, social media can help you to keep an eye about what your partner does. You don’t want to bother your partner’s time by asking him or her about what is she or he doing, right?

This is why social media can help your marriage. Without bothering your partner’s time, you still know about what they feel or what they are doing, there. Is the function of social media to keep in touch with the others, isn’t it?

Enhancing Relationship

While you want to take the positive sides of social media, all you can get is enhancing your relationship. By declaring that you are someone’s partner, your partner will feel that you are appreciating your relationship.

If both use social media properly, it helps you to provide an important conversation without having a lot of preliminary explanation anymore. This feature can be the advantages for married couples to enhance more their relationship.


When you and your partner have hobbies and join in a certain community, this activity will not be cut off even you are married. Many couples are restricted their partner to don’t engage with any community. You should not do it because both still need friends, right? Just let your partner to keep in touch with their community.

This is how social media can save my marriage today. Just use social media properly and you will realize there are a lot of advantages you can get from it.

The Facebook Effect Against Youth

Facebook, which we are more familiar with, is a social network that is very popular throughout the world, including Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the countries that has the most Facebook users. Facebook to date has more than one billion active users. More than half use mobile phones to access them. Users must register before using this site. After that, users can create personal profiles, add other users as friends, and exchange messages. In addition, users can join groups of users with the same interests, sorted by workplace, school or college, or other distinctive features.

The Reason Students Dominate The Use Of Facebook

Students who often browse the internet will definitely not be foreign if they listen to the word Facebook. Because Facebook is a social network that can be accessed via the internet. If they are browsing the internet only to find school material. So, they will feel bored. To eliminate saturation. They make a Facebook account. For them, Facebook can relieve stress due to many tasks at school. In addition, they can also know many people who have never known or met before, and they can also devote all the problems or complaints they face. For this reason, more students use this site than other users.

Benefits Of Using Facebook For Students

  • Familiarize communication with friends and teachers. Interaction with friends and teachers has been limited by time. With Facebook, the interaction time limit can be reduced. Students and teenagers can have more time to interact and communicate with their friends and teachers
  • Increase the time for consultation with the teacher. With the increasingly intense communication with teachers, students can have more time and opportunities to be able to consult and study with their teachers. They do not have to wait tomorrow for or at school to study with their teachers
  • Increase the amount of time to confide. Students and adolescents are human beings who are in the process of seeking identity. Many things they want to know; many problems they face; and many tools they want to emulate and imitate. This is where they need to share a lot with their fellow friends. Facebook makes ventilation easier
  • Expanding relationships. In addition to making friends with their friends in the real world, Facebook provides an opportunity to get to know many other friends. The figures they have only heard through television, newspapers, or other media can be invited to make friends. They can be friends with students from other schools, even from other countries. They can be friends with book authors, novelists and characters they enjoy doing.
  • Increase knowledge. One thing that must be used by students and teenagers from Facebook is to add information and knowledge.

The Negative Impact Of Using Facebook For Students

  • Irresponsible people will use Facebook as a fraudulent arena, this is rampant especially in buying and selling online via Facebook. Many found fictitious and irresponsible online stores offering products, however, after customers transfer money via accounts, sellers deceive buyers.
  • With the rapid spread of news through this social media, vague news/rumors will spread quickly. Irresponsible individuals can easily cause an issue that is set up in such a way that it is interesting to read and the reader will be consumed by the current and view.
  • The emergence of crimes, kidnappings, unlawful relationships such as courtship caused by relations between Facebook users with each other, which at first they did not know each other and were later interested in being favored by something, or wanting to know more about other Facebook users.

Making an Instagram For Business


In May 2016, Instagram announced that they would be releasing Instagram for Business. With this feature, a business can create a free business profile. With a business profile, you as a business owner can choose how you want their customers to contact them; either by phone, SMS, or email with the contact button and get directions. The business profile also allows you to view Insights and the ability to promote.


Insights on Instagram helps tell you important information about your followers and which posts have the highest reach and engagement or customer involvement. With this information, you can get to know more about your audience’s behavior and demographics. That way, you can create content that is more relevant and appropriate for your audience.


The promote feature on Instagram allows you to make your posts as ads or ads on the Instagram application. Ads certainly help you to connect with your business customers. You just have to choose one of the posts that you have shared on Instagram and add an action button. You can choose the target audience and allow Instagram to suggest the target audience for you. After that, your posts will be promoted as advertisements during the period you have chosen.

With this new tool from Instagram, your business can get customers from all over the world. Your business can also understand its audience better, adjust content, and improve its marketing strategies – both online and offline. Instagram said that they hope that with these tools, Instagram users can build and grow their business more easily.

Your Username And Bio

For your account to be easily found, your Instagram username should be the same as your username on your other business social media profiles. In addition to the username, the information that appears on your public profile is your website (a column for URLs, which you can use to promote campaigns or new content on your website) and a short bio.

Use your bio to explain what your business is and what people can expect from your Instagram account. You can also include some branded hashtags that your followers might use.

What are branded hashtags? Branded hashtags are a hashtag that you can use for promotional activities, product launching, contests or quizzes, and events. With the branded hashtag, people can just search and follow the hashtag to know all about your business. One brand that has successfully used branded hashtags is South by Southwest. Since 2007, all Twitter users can type #SXSW in the search box and they can immediately see what people are tweeting about the event.

Instagram Photo Profile

Business Instagram photo profiles are usually in your company logo. Similar to usernames, using the same profile photo on all your social media profiles will help people recognize your brand.

Keep in mind that your Instagram photo profile has a circle format, so make sure that your image looks good in that format. Instagram suggests a 110-pixel diameter for your image. But, to be safer, it’s a good idea to use larger images because they will also be bigger if opened on the desktop.

Follow Other Instagram Accounts

To get started, you should follow other Instagram accounts first. You can follow other businesses related to your business or find influencers in your industry. You can also follow other accounts that are relevant to your business. Instagram demographics can be considered very broad, so make sure you know what kind of audience you want to target.

You can take advantage of hashtags in your industry to strengthen your presence on Instagram. You can also leave comments on other account photos and follow the people who participate in conversations in various accounts. This is one step that can help you develop your following Instagram quickly. Don’t forget to also promote your Instagram username on your website and other social media profiles for cross-promotion.

Manage Your Instagram Presence

To have a successful Instagram account, you must be able to maintain your Instagram presence. To do this, you must be active on Instagram. For example, posting photos or videos every few times – at least once a day. You can also repost or re-photograph photos or videos from other accounts if they are relevant and related. Even though you don’t post too often – for example, once every hour – because this can make your followers bored seeing your account on their timeline.

Set The Objective Of Your Instagram Business

Just like other marketing methods, using Instagram for your business also requires a strategy. What do you hope you can get by using Instagram for Business? The objective of your marketing strategy can be integrated with the overall objective of your business, for example:

  • Increase sales
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Build connections with influencers