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Choosing the Right Mouse For Your Need

A mouse is one of the most important accessories along with a keyboard and speaker for your PC or personal computer. Unfortunately, most people do not pay attention to the importance of the mouse itself. Even, Logitech G502 software seems unfamiliar for most of them. The software is important especially for the Logitech owner since it will optimize its gear.

Currently, there are some types of mouse that differ its function. Some of them are used generally for common use such as for Ms. office, some of them are used for gaming and graphic design. Therefore, the features and the price are also different from each other.

Before you buy a new mouse, it is important to decide its function based on your need. If you intend to use the mouse for general use of PC, it is important to but the common mouse. It is simple and also cheaper than the other kind of mouse.

Types Of Mouse

There are some types of mouse that we can differ from their type, function, design, connectivity, and more. Here are some of its differences:

  1. Common mouse VS Gaming Mouse

The common mouse is designed only with 2 buttons, They are right and left click, and a scroll button. That button is generally used for general needs in using a PC. However, a gaming mouse has 2 additional buttons on its side as forwarding and back buttons.

Gaming mouse with Logitech G502 software is more preferred by gamers because it has more features that can support them in winning the game. It can endure million times of clicks so it is beneficial for them.

  1. Wired VS wireless mouse

Wire and wireless mouse are other types of mouse that you must choose for your need. If you work only in one place and rarely more, it is better to choose the wired mouse. The wired mouse has better sensitivity than the wireless mouse. However, if you often move your workplace, a wireless mouse is more comfortable.

  1. Optic VS Laser Mouse

The optic mouse uses LED light reflection to move its cursor and it will work better on the non-glassy surface. On the other hand, laser mouse uses laser light to read the movement. 

A laser mouse is applicable for all types of surfaces even on a glassy table, so it will be helpful if you work outside and forget to bring the mouse pad.

What Should You Consider In Buying A New Mouse?

After knowing several types of mouse, here are some considerations when you intend to buy a new mouse:

  1. Deciding the types of mouse for your need. Do not buy a gaming mouse if you only use the mouse for general use.
  2. Choosing the ergonomic mouse. Ergonomic means that the mouse is easy to be used and it does cause any hand problem if you use it for long period.
  3. Deciding the brand. Some mouse brands are good for their quality, especially with Logitech G502 software