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Excess HP after Root

The rooting system is intended to optimize system performance and improve performance. Before doing rooting, it’s a good idea to ask and consult first with people who already know or experts in their fields. This is to avoid mistakes and things that are not desirable. Users who root Android have administrator access rights to open locked files, so they can completely modify their Android. Then what are the advantages of the Android phone after being one click root?

Adding Storage Space

The default mobile application or bloatware sometimes has a large enough size so it takes up a lot of memory. Though the application is rarely or even almost never you use. If your cell phone is not rooted, you can handle it with the force close of the application from the settings menu. This method is able to shrink the memory used. But if your cell phone is one click root, you can freely delete the application so that the storage space increases and can be filled with other applications.

Free Download Application

Google Play Store is the largest application sales market and is only available on Android phones. Compared to the market in other operations, the Google Play Store has more applications that number has reached thousands. But even though there are thousands, there are several applications that are not found on Google Play. This causes the android users to download it from a web browser. Before being downloaded, sometimes not all applications from the browser can be downloaded. But if it has been one click root, you are free to download applications from anywhere, both pirated and original.

ROM Customization

Rooting your Android phone makes you like a developer who can change, add and even damage existing systems. ROM customization functions to modify the appearance of the cell phone, starting from themes, fonts, keyboards, lock screen, and so on. In addition to adding more internal memory so that it is freer to store various applications.

Improve Custom Kernel Performance

The Custom Kernel is responsible for connecting Android applications to mobile hardware. This custom kernel also works so that battery charging is faster and its usage lasts longer. With the rooting system, the performance of the custom kernel will increase and maximize.

Moving The Application

Certain applications such as Whatsapp or BBM can only be stored on internal memory and cannot be transferred to the external. This causes the internal memory to be potentially full faster and can cause the system to work rather slowly. With root, Android is able to open these restrictions so that applications can be moved to external memory.

Adding Processor Capabilities

The processor is the main component of the cell phone. Function to control all system performance. By over locking the processor on a cell phone that has been rooted, it can increase the processor’s ability to be faster and maximum. Overlock processor is a process of increasing processor speed so that it exceeds the default or standard speed of the cell phone.

Blocking Ads

Ads that often go back and forth in applications, browsers and games sometimes irritate users. Apart from disturbing the view, the number of advertisements also makes the application run slowly. Android root also functions to block all of these ads, by downloading the Adway application. On non-root phones, blocking ads can also be done. But the method isn’t as easy as when your cell phone has been rooted.

Increase Ram Capacity

RAM serves to help the processor to store and monitor applications that are running. The greater the RAM capacity on a cell phone, the multitasking capabilities or the ability of the cell phone to run multiple applications at once at a time, are also getting bigger. But too many applications are opened, it can also cause the phone’s RAM to be full and the system runs slowly. This is often a problem for gamers. So they use root to increase RAM capacity or outsmart it by using the Greenify application which can make working RAM lighter and perform more optimally.

Save Hp Battery Power

The battery is the same as RAM, the energy will quickly run out if too many applications are opened. The limitation is to calibrate the battery to save cell phone battery power. The trick is that after your cell phone has been rooted, you can download the battery calibration in the Google Play Store to calibrate the battery so that its use can last longer.

Data Backup

Mobile phones that have been routed by one click root can not only backup files but also be able to backup applications and systems. This is intended to anticipate if the hp error or application is accidentally deleted. If this happens, then you will need to retrieve the data that has been backed up, so you do not need to re-download the application.