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Find Out the Uses and Benefits of Activated Charcoal Here

Charcoal Indonesia has started to rise in the term of popularity. In fact, activated charcoal was commonly known as a universal antidote. The ones specifically coming from tropical country like Indonesia has made it even better.

The substance keeps on being promoted as the world’s nowadays natural treatment. People starts to notice it because of its benefits, mostly in medical world. The substance is believed to have the ability to whiten teeth, cure hangover, and even lower cholesterol level.

Getting to Know about Activated Charcoal

Let’s get to know better first about the substance. It is black powder that is formed from bone char, coal, coke, peat, coconut shells, and olive pits or sawdust. The term activated is derived from the process the materials have gone through. Each of them is processed finely at a very high temperature to convert its internal structure into something more porous than the regular charcoal briquettes.

Learning about How Activated Charcoal Works

Charcoal Indonesia has the ability to bind chemicals. This ability comes from its porous texture from the “activated” process before, and such texture creates negative electrical charge that will attract positively to the molecules of chemicals and toxins. Many scientific works have resulted in a conclusion that activated charcoal won’t be absorbed by human’s body and only come out of our body as feces.

Uses and Benefits of Activated Charcoal

  1. Poison treatment

Thanks to its characteristics, activated charcoal has been scientifically proven to treat poisoning. It binds toxic properties, so it will perform variety uses in medical needs, including treating poisoning, by trapping drugs and reducing the effects that may happen in human.

  1. Improve kidneys function

Activated charcoal has been tested to be able to improve kidneys function. It reduces the waste products that it helps the kidneys to do the filtration alone. Specifically for someone suffering from kidney disease, the help from activated charcoal will sure be needed to remove and filter toxins from the body.

  1. Reduce cholesterol level

As it’s been said before, it is able to bind chemicals, so it’ll bind cholesterol and cholesterol-containing acids as well and prevent them to be absorbed by the body. Some studies show that larger dosage of activated charcoal would perform the most effective result.

  1. Cure hangover

In so many times, activated charcoal have successfully cured hangovers. Consuming it after drinking alcohol may reduce the alcohol level in blood. Therefore the aftereffect may not so severely happen.

  1. Whiten teeth

Do you ever find a toothpaste with Charcoal Indonesia in it? If you do, you will know now that is none other because activated charcoal indeed can whiten teeth in form of an ingredient in a toothpaste. This substance, while cooperating with other basic toothpaste chemicals, will help absorbing compounds and plaques that are staining our teeth.

Finally, activated charcoal that comes from Charcoal Indonesia can be said as an item with variety medical use and benefits. There have been researches that show the medical advantages linked to activated charcoal, but be aware of the possibility of side effects. The bottom line is to always consult with experts before deciding to use it.