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Making an Instagram For Business


In May 2016, Instagram announced that they would be releasing Instagram for Business. With this feature, a business can create a free business profile. With a business profile, you as a business owner can choose how you want their customers to contact them; either by phone, SMS, or email with the contact button and get directions. The business profile also allows you to view Insights and the ability to promote.


Insights on Instagram helps tell you important information about your followers and which posts have the highest reach and engagement or customer involvement. With this information, you can get to know more about your audience’s behavior and demographics. That way, you can create content that is more relevant and appropriate for your audience.


The promote feature on Instagram allows you to make your posts as ads or ads on the Instagram application. Ads certainly help you to connect with your business customers. You just have to choose one of the posts that you have shared on Instagram and add an action button. You can choose the target audience and allow Instagram to suggest the target audience for you. After that, your posts will be promoted as advertisements during the period you have chosen.

With this new tool from Instagram, your business can get customers from all over the world. Your business can also understand its audience better, adjust content, and improve its marketing strategies – both online and offline. Instagram said that they hope that with these tools, Instagram users can build and grow their business more easily.

Your Username And Bio

For your account to be easily found, your Instagram username should be the same as your username on your other business social media profiles. In addition to the username, the information that appears on your public profile is your website (a column for URLs, which you can use to promote campaigns or new content on your website) and a short bio.

Use your bio to explain what your business is and what people can expect from your Instagram account. You can also include some branded hashtags that your followers might use.

What are branded hashtags? Branded hashtags are a hashtag that you can use for promotional activities, product launching, contests or quizzes, and events. With the branded hashtag, people can just search and follow the hashtag to know all about your business. One brand that has successfully used branded hashtags is South by Southwest. Since 2007, all Twitter users can type #SXSW in the search box and they can immediately see what people are tweeting about the event.

Instagram Photo Profile

Business Instagram photo profiles are usually in your company logo. Similar to usernames, using the same profile photo on all your social media profiles will help people recognize your brand.

Keep in mind that your Instagram photo profile has a circle format, so make sure that your image looks good in that format. Instagram suggests a 110-pixel diameter for your image. But, to be safer, it’s a good idea to use larger images because they will also be bigger if opened on the desktop.

Follow Other Instagram Accounts

To get started, you should follow other Instagram accounts first. You can follow other businesses related to your business or find influencers in your industry. You can also follow other accounts that are relevant to your business. Instagram demographics can be considered very broad, so make sure you know what kind of audience you want to target.

You can take advantage of hashtags in your industry to strengthen your presence on Instagram. You can also leave comments on other account photos and follow the people who participate in conversations in various accounts. This is one step that can help you develop your following Instagram quickly. Don’t forget to also promote your Instagram username on your website and other social media profiles for cross-promotion.

Manage Your Instagram Presence

To have a successful Instagram account, you must be able to maintain your Instagram presence. To do this, you must be active on Instagram. For example, posting photos or videos every few times – at least once a day. You can also repost or re-photograph photos or videos from other accounts if they are relevant and related. Even though you don’t post too often – for example, once every hour – because this can make your followers bored seeing your account on their timeline.

Set The Objective Of Your Instagram Business

Just like other marketing methods, using Instagram for your business also requires a strategy. What do you hope you can get by using Instagram for Business? The objective of your marketing strategy can be integrated with the overall objective of your business, for example:

  • Increase sales
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Build connections with influencers