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3 Best Places to Listen to Free Music Online

Singing and music are two things that will never be separated. For you who like to singing and get a cover song, so you must know some of the best applications to record and play the music. Even some people will not like to record their voice, these sites let them listen to every singer that they like the most. In fact, you can find a lot of sites or application that you can listen to music. For you who like to listen to music for free and want to record your voice, here is the best recommendation for you.

Best Sites to Listen to Your Favorite Music for Free

As you may know, there is a lot of places where you can listen to your music. However, there are only some sites or applications that have free access for you. Both for commercial or cover song, you can easily find them on the music sites bellows:

  • SoundCloud

SoundCloud has been introduced since early 2013, then it becomes bigger and knowable. What makes this application different from other kinds of music sites is the user can upload their own music or cover. Besides listening to other voices, the users can even upload theirs. It must be an amazing one. Moreover, SoundCloud is first known as the application where you can find a lot of cover song.

Recently, SoundCloud upgraded their feature which allowed the user to upgrade their account to be premium. If the free account has limited upload time, so the premium account has no limited upload time. There is no far different system for both account, both free or premium are the best choice.

  • Tidal

For the high quality music streaming, Tidal is the best recommendation. It is the first music streaming sites which has been supported by the High Fidelity music. That’s why you will get experience with HiFi music. Moreover, there is also various playlist which especially served for you. However, make sure that you use the 3G/4G connection on Google Chrome avoiding the interrupted streaming.

  • Deezer

Deezer must be the newest one. Since it is not accessible for every country yet, so it has not yet popular yet among the others. Still, you can get the most high quality music from this site. What makes it different from others is the connection with the user’s social media account. You can connect with your social media’s friends through these streaming sites. It is so interesting, isn’t it?

What do You Like the Most?

Besides three sites above which are highly recommended, actually, there are still a lot of music streaming sites that you can use. Nowadays, you can also even access not only the commercial song but also the cover song from various musicians. However, you cannot find the applications or sites for fully free. Basically, there will be two options for premium and free. You can choose the free one as long as the features will not highly different from each other. Streaming music will let your day be brighter.

Best All-in-One Printers of 2019

The printer is an essential device you need to have at home and office. Especially if you are looking for an all-in-one printer for your office, you need to decide which device should you buy. You can choose a printer from all brands, making sure that you can get plenty of features on it. When you purchase a printer from Canon, for example, you need to install printers driver Canon first. Of course, it helps you to make sure that your printer works well. Besides, considering the most reliable printer device will be a good option for your need. There are lots of considerations before purchasing the device, but you can choose the most suitable one.

Optimizing the Functions of Multipurpose Printers

When it comes to you to buy a good multipurpose printer, you need to decide which one the best is. In this case, you can choose to download printers driver Canon for the preparation. Here are some key things you need to choose when getting a printer:

  1. Make sure the features are useful for your printing need. It helps you to suit the printer feature with your office need such as printing, scanning, fax, and copying. You can also add some considerations like Wi-Fi printing for easy usage.
  2. Considering the brand is also a key of a good printer result. You might have a favorite brand for the printer. You can decide which printer brand to choose based on your preferences. Besides, you can also consider them based on its durability.
  3. The printer price is also an essential thing to consider. When it comes to you to choose the right device, you can get the best option for them. Make sure the price suits your budget.

The Best Options for an Excellent Printing Result

You can choose the printing device from plenty of brands on the market. In case of choosing some Canon printers or other brands, you can choose the devices below. But, make sure you download the drivers, for example, is printers driver Canon when you buy the device.

  1. Epson Ecotank ET-3600 is a good choice when you need a small but powerful and multipurpose printer, which is priced at $368.88. It is also a durable printer for your need if you use them for an office. You can print 33 pages per minute, making it a fast printing device.
  2. Canon PIXMA TS6050 is also a good option as it provides the best features for businesses. It gives you a good printing quality with a complete feature. Printing takes a longer time as it prints 15 pages per minute. But, you will not regret purchasing this compact printer for your office.
  3. HP Envy 5540 All-in-One printer is the option if you want to have an affordable printer device for your office. It is stylish and beautiful to put on the desk, plus it has lots of features you can try. With the price of $39.99, you will never get any disappointment when choosing this device.

Those printers are an alternative for you who love to have a durable, high quality printer. You can opt to choose some affordable options. But, after all, you need to make sure you have a functional printers driver Canon.

Country Comparison Papua New Guinea VS India

Economic development is one of the most important aspects to reach prosperity. A country with a promising economic growth requires more than just a good start for building its infrastructure. The other aspects of its growth also give impacts for an overall design. In some cases, choosing the best strategy for boosting a country’s condition is necessary. Comparing a country to another is also a good way to understand how a country has developed. West Papua news is also a good information canal that will be useful for understanding the development in Papua New Guinea. When compared to India, what aspects are different?

Comparing Papua New Guinea to India

Papua New Guinea and India are the developing countries. Optimizing the health aspects can be quite challenging for these two countries. Comparing the data on expenses and financial needs in these two countries seem to be challenging. But, somehow the comparison will help people who are going to move from a country to another. Here are some comparisons in some aspects in Papua New Guinea and India.

  1. Let’s start with housing in these two countries. Housing is one of the most important parts of modern living. Although you can rent a house or an apartment, the price is still different. In Papua New Guinea, you might have to splurge more on how you have a housing for a living. In India, you will have way more affordable price to purchase a home or renting an apartment.
  2. Another topic that usually comes in West Papua news is about healthcare. These two countries have different healthcare service. In some cases, the countries also have a different procedure in providing healthcare for its people. However, the price in Papua New Guinea is still more expensive than the one in India. Health service seemed to be one of the vital needs of people.
  3. When it comes to you to compare the foods, of course, India has a more affordable option for dining. It has many kinds of cuisines you can try. Their street foods are also delicious, nothing compares to it. With plenty of cuisines and cheap street foods, India will be a good place for all the food lovers. Papua New Guinea also has its delicious foods, but it has pricier options for the menu.
  4. Among all of the aspects to compare between Papua New Guinea and India, clothing might be one aspect which is more expensive in India. Providing the clothing might seem challenging in India since it has a more expensive price. However, the price is not only the indicator for it. The traditional sari from India seems to have more popularity.

The Income for Citizens in Papua New Guinea and India

These two countries have different prices in their goods and services. However, although Papua New Guinea seems to have a more expensive price for a living, citizens of this country make more money than the ones in India. It makes their high price reasonable for them. Some West Papua news also report the differences between these two countries living cost. So, you can get an insight into how much you’ll make and spend there.

Hungry Shark, a Fun Game to Play on PC

Playing game is one of the most favorite hobbies nowadays. When it comes to you to choose the best games, you might want to play the game which is simple and fun. Although you can choose some trending games on mobile, playing the games on the PC can be a fun thing to do, too. So, why don’t you try to play Hungry Shark World PC? Playing a game on PC will make your view wider and it provides something fun for you to play. With plenty of amazing features on the game, you will feel challenged. But, what makes this game attractive? Let’s talk about them in this article.

A Unique Game to Play for Every Game Lover

When you consider playing this game, you can choose the best ones for your need. It is a survival game that will be suitable for you who love them. If you remember Feeding Frenzy game you love to play when you’re little, you will see a similar type of game in Hungry Shark World PC. In this case, you can choose a good game that will be fun and attractive. But, what makes this game worth to play?

  1. The game is designed as a survival game where you will do the right thing to stay alive; hunting for foods. Indeed, you will need to eat the smaller fish in the sea to keep yourself alive. Not eating enough food will make your body weak and you will not die. In this case, you can even eat the animals on the land. Plus, you can even eat humans in the game.
  2. This new installment of Hungry Shark is also unique, as you play them longer and you (the shark) becomes bigger, you will have to face such a dangerous challenge. Of course, you will have a challenge where humans throw the harpoons to you. Your character can be damaged. Plus, there will also be submarines that will cause damage to your body.
  3. You will also have experience in having a pet in the game. You can choose some pet as your accessories. Your pet will accompany you wherever you go when you’re exploring the sea. The more attractive thing is how you can appear attractively using a hat, umbrella, and other eccentric accessories.

New Features of the Game

In the previous installment, you might see them be something fun. But, you will also experience something different when playing the newest version of Hungry Shark World PC. In this game, you can experience some new things as follow:

  1. The newest game provides a good graphic, so you will never feel disappointed when playing the game. A good graphics means you will have them to glide smoothly under water. Without any glitch, of course, you’ll love it.
  2. The challenge is also more attractive and challenging. It makes your adventure as a shark more unique. Besides, you can also get something more than just a good game. In this survival game, you can appear more eccentric and fun!

So, what do you think about Hungry Shark World PC? You can play the game simply because it is unique and different. But, when you play them on PC, you will experience something fun beyond your imagination!

The Massive Effect of Technology

Technological developments can no longer be stopped. This is the impact of the development of human mindset carried by the times, so that their needs are more complex, while their time is limited. That is what makes humans challenged and thinks how to make their lives more practical and helped by technological developments. Technology does provide a positive role in our lives. The easiest example is a smartphone. Smartphones have now become a staple in human life. It seems like people will be in a difficult state if they do not bring their smartphone in their hands. That how I describe it.

At present almost all circles can afford to buy a cellphone or smartphone, both adults and children. This development ultimately has an impact on the social life of the community. This is also influenced by the existence of social media that utilizes with the internet network. With the existence of smartphones and internet networks, we can easily get any information through social media.

The Main Purpose of Technology

The initial purpose of creating technology is to facilitate our way of life, as well as the creation of social media. It is to facilitate communication, facilitate interaction and exchange of information so that we can more easily socialize with many people, even to other parts of the world. There also many stories of marriage people who met their soulmate in social media in the past and surprisingly they get into serious relationship afterward.

The existence of social media is not only socially impactful but also economically. By utilizing social media, now many people use it to sell online, or as a media marketing. It is also known as an online business. They use social media to post their products and also do the bargain with the customer. This is precisely the preferred method because it is considered easier and practical, both for sellers and buyers.

Negative Aspect of Technology

But that is human, even though the purpose of the creation is good, still, there are people who intentionally ignite a fire. They are irresponsible individuals who take advantage of the existence of media social as a deceptive tool. Not a few cases of fraud, kidnapping or even murder that originated from social media. They deceive victims easily because through social media it is very difficult to do the whole survey, so many people are trapped by that.

Another adverse effect of social media is that there is an effort from irresponsible individuals to divide a community or country. The trick is to spread issues that lead to a debate, even those that are confronted are interfaith the beliefs or religion. This is the worst impact of social media, we can barely see those kinds of post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc..

Therefore, we must return to the original purpose of the creation of technology itself, which is to make it easier, so do not use technology for the purpose of troubling others or destroying something. Use the social media wisely and also use good and non-provocative language.

Type of Exercise to Prevent Against Sudden Cardiac

Sudden cardiac death is the case that mostly happened for those that are in the age of 30 to 50.  This is actually a serious case that needs to be prevented. On this website, you may have information that there is prevention that may avoid you from any sudden cardiac death. This is important to know as you can have a solution, in case you have the risk of sudden cardiac.

Research that Finds Exercise to Prevent Sudden Cardiac

Lately, there is a group of researchers which comes from ITACA group of innovations and Physical Therapy, Medicine and Electronic Engineering Department of Valencia University have just published their research. It is actually about the protection that you can take against sudden cardiac death by having physical exercise. For your information, PLoS One has published the study.

Type of Exercise that You Can Take

Then, what kind of exercise should you do? The following tips from this website will let you know the exercise that you need to take in order to protect you from cardiac death.

  • Aerobic

Aerobic comes as the cardio exercise which is good to do. It lets you keep moving which trigger your cardiac. Then, for your information, the type of arrhythmia known as the ventricular fibrillation comes as the biggest major caused the sudden cardiac death. Therefore, Aerobic is highly encouraged as a non-pharmacological treatment to avoid the sudden cardiac. Do this regularly, like 3 times within a week.

  • Physical exercise

On the other hand, you need to keep healthy to protect your heart. Physical exercise is needed to keep your body fit. However, it does not mean that you should take heavy exercise since you can only take the lighter one like jogging, cycling in the morning. This small exercise will train your heart in good condition.

  • Go to the gym

If you do not have time in the morning to do like jogging, then you can actually take gym to make a routine exercise. Here you can have cardio exercise. In addition, you can also hire a personal trainer in order to let you have guidance in doing cardiovascular exercise in proper movement. On this site, you will find lots of cardio exercise tips in order to get the better condition of your cardiovascular.

In order to get a healthy heart, you need to get lots of movement. The case of sudden cardiac death frequently happened for those who are in the middle age. Then, it is completely important for you to get a routine exercise. However, you do not need to push yourself when your body is not in good condition. This is completely important for you to be aware of your health. Just take a small exercise in regular time, it lets you keep healthy.

On the other hand, if you like to get more information about the type of exercise suitable for preventing sudden cardiac, is available for you. You may have lots of information related to your health completely. Thus, start to get a routine exercise from now on and you will have a healthy heart.

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Nusa Penida Guide: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Have you already plan your holiday? Indonesia is one of the best places for spending your best time. One of the most recommended one is Nusa Penida. You can find a lot of Nusa Penida tour packages for your wonderful holiday. There are a lot of beautiful places to go. You can get precious escaping by going to the beaches, unique hotels or homestay, and many more. Moreover, you can also schedule your holiday at Nusa Penida with your family, friends and even for your solo traveling.

Nusa Penida Best Places to Go

Before you go to Bali and decide to travel around Nusa Penida, you have to already know your destination. Moreover, it will make you easier to choose your Nusa Penida tour packages. As mentioned before, there are a lot of places to go such as:

  • Pura (Temple)

What is an icon of Bali? Temple, you have to go there. Bali has a hundred temples which have their own history. In Nusa Penida, you can find a lot of temples. For the first, Pura Dalem Kerangkeng which is located at Klumpu can be the first destination of your holiday at Bali. On the other hand, you can also visit Pura Penatrana Agung Ped which is located at Klungkung.

  • Beach

It will not be a holiday at Nusa Penida if you did not visit the beach. Among the famous beaches, you can go to Suwehan Beach which is also known as a Dreamland Beach, The most unique one at this beach is the stone which has strides shape that is outstanding.

One is not enough for the beach. If you want to explore beach like your own, so you have to go to Secret Point Beach. You can find it on the south-west side of Nusa Penida. However, you can only reach this tremendous beach by motorbike. You can happily have your own space here.

  • Waterfall

There is also one of the most fascinating places to go at Nusa Penida. Peguyangan Waterfall is one of the holiest sanctuary journeys for the Balinese. On the other side, this place becomes a big fortune for the tourists who need like to explore nature the most. Even it takes time and drain your energy, it is still worth to visit.

Where to Stay at Nusa Penida

For some reason, we just focus on our destination when preparing our holiday. Actually, you cannot do this thing. You still have to prepare and book where you want to stay. If you choose Nusa Penida tour packages, so usually there will be an accommodation that has prepared. However, you can also choose your place to stay by yourself.

For the first recommendation is homestay. It is the best choice for you who want to spend a holiday in Nusa Penida in a group, like with family or friends. It will take a cheaper cost rather than booking some rooms at a hotel. Make sure that everything that you will need will be served well. Since there are some different services and facilities for each homestay, so you need to negotiate and check them with the owner.

For the second, the hotel is one of the common choices. There are also various hotels which have different concepts. You can choose the best one for you. It will be cheaper than homestay for a solo traveler. Nowadays, you can easily find the hotels online, or you can also choose and book based on the Nusa Penida tour packages which are offered. Make sure that you got the right budget and facilities. For the best recommendation, you can book your room before your departure.

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Sunrise Trekking on Mt Batur Makes You Healthier and Happier

Do you want to have a new experience in Bali? It is easy! It would be a good thing to do to join in a sunrise trekking in Mount Batur. This will give you such an unforgettable moment during your holiday in Bali. Moreover, if you are interested to have this, you join on a trekking tour and book it directly. This kind of activity would also give you another fun thing to spend, especially if you are too often enjoying the beaches in Bali.

Get the New Experience in Bali

People all over the world may know that Bali is always a great place to spend the holiday. Besides the beauty of nature, Bali also offers it is a unique culture that people may also learn about it. Meanwhile, Mount Batur is one of the natural object attractions in Bali. If you like to visit this place, it would be better for you to see the golden sunrise in this mountain. See the beautiful sun rises from the east by your eyes.

The Benefits of Going Sunrise Trekking

Having such a trip brings lots of benefits to you like you will not only be healthy but also be happy. How come? Then, the following information may help you.

  • You can enjoy the fresh air

Mountain always gives you lots of fresh air. Every time you take the breath, you can enjoy that the air is so much fresh. Hence, this is something good for you to have. Besides sunrise trekking let you have lots of body movement, you will be so much healthier since the air of the mountain is so refreshing.

  • Refresh Your Mind

Another benefit that you can take by trekking in the morning is to refresh your mind. You know that here you will be spoiled by the scenery especially when you are successful in the top of the mountain. All of your stress will be released. This is so much refreshing like all the burden totally gone.

  • Get so much fun

Joining in sunrise trekking tour may give you such a good experience. Here the other ones will join with you so that you can make friends. This togetherness will let you have fun during the trip. You can also have new friends in this way. Then, do not hesitate to join in a tour since you will have so much fun.

  • Well-Spent Holiday

It is true that you can find lots of experience in Bali, including the time when you join in this activity. Trekking to see the sunrise in the morning may give you a new experience that you never have before. The benefits you can take like being healthier and happier will lead you to have such great quality time.

Hence, those who like to see the sunrise in the morning from Mountain Batur, you can join in sunrise trekking tour. This would be an idea of your holiday in Bali which let you have so many benefits. You will be healthy as having an exercise in the morning by trekking and also happy as going with new friends during the trip.

Tips For Buying A New 4K RHD TV

TV is one of the electronic devices that are usually in the house, most people have this tool. Apart from being entertainment, tv also usually provides information that is quite important and interesting. So it is not surprising that many of us like watching TV because watching TV can get satisfaction, such as being entertained and so on. The number of TV requests in the market has resulted in tv manufacturers offering good quality TV products, some of which have a 3K revolution, some have 4K. where each TV has a different resolution.

Easy Tips To Ensure Tv Purchased By Rhd Evolves 4k

The demand for RHD TV is increasingly flooding the market, not only in US. RHD TVs usually offer 4K revolutions, but some are only 3K. Therefore, so that we can get a 4K RHD TV, you can use the following tips, including the following:

  1. Knowing that not all 4K RHD TVs

Between TVs that have a 4k revolution with 3k evolves, of course, they have a quite striking difference, one of which is different image quality. TVs that have 4k usually consist of intact pixels which consist of red, green and blue. However, for TV, 3k usually consists of red, green, blue, and white, where white is an empty pixel.

  1. Can distinguish between 4K and 3K

There are easy tips that can be done by consumers in distinguishing between TVs that have a 3k revolution and 4k, which is enough by using a camera from a smartphone, then zooming up to 8 times zoom, then bring it closer to a screen that has white or text on the screen tv. Then we can see it clearly if 4k tv will only look red, green and blue pixels without any white pixels blank. Unlike the 3K TV, which usually also has a blank white pixel. In addition to using a camera from a smartphone, we can also use a magnifying glass to see the pixel of the screen.

Some That Need To Be Considered When Buying A New 4k Hrd Tv

For those of you who want to buy the latest TV with a 4K revolution, now there are a lot of choices that are very diverse which will make us confused in making choices. So, to avoid being confused again, here are things to consider when buying a new 4K HRG TV, including the following:

  1. How big is the size of the tv screen that we need

Sometimes we still assume that the bigger the screen of a TV, the better, but this certainly will not be useful if the space we have is actually narrow, so the size of a large TV will be very unfortunate. Besides that, we also really need to pay attention to the revolution of a TV screen where 4k TV has the best revolution.

  1. What are the features in it

Most of the features on the market are usually TVs that don’t have many features, this is very suitable for us who don’t really need TV features. Most TVs have integrated speakers, but have poor quality. For those who want a TV with good speaker quality, we can buy a soundbar feature.

Well, that was some interesting information and also important that we can convey related to some tips on choosing a new TV that is 4K HR and some things we need to consider when we want to buy a new TV. Hopefully, this article is able to provide information to readers, especially those of us who want to buy TV HRD with the 4k revolution and various considerations before buying. Good luck and good luck!

YouTube Rewind Best of 2018 Videos

The internet world is known as cyberspace. However, with the increasing number of people interested in the internet, even as if they were hypnotized by the internet. The internet seemed to be a more like a world to them than the real one. People prefer to spend their time surfing the internet rather than doing real activities such as exercise, meeting people, socialize, and so on, even many of them who forget to eat and washing. The Internet can make you forget everything and will make you feel the time is running so quickly.

One of the most visited sites on the internet is Youtube. So many interesting video content in there makes this site always full of visitors. It makes huge business opportunities for many people. They are competing to create their own channel and make videos with certain content as attractive as possible in order to attract viewers and subscribers to their channel. Now, Youtube is like a gold mine for creative video creators. Not even a few entertainment companies have posted their official videos on Youtube so they can get more money from the number of views and subscribers in their videos.

The phenomenon of Youtube Rewind 2018

Recently, Youtube released a video titled Youtube Rewind 2018. The video content talks about videos that become worldwide trending on Youtube with various content and become a trend throughout 2018. Youtube Rewind itself is played by YouTubers from all over the world, including Indonesia. There, they intend to give appreciation and positive value from the trending videos and deliver it to the viewers.

Unfortunately, instead of being able to inspire and get a warm welcome, Youtube Rewind actually gets the most dislikes in history. The audience felt disappointed and less impressed with the content displayed. They consider the video should not be made in this way. They should involve the creator of the trending video directly or cite the video from the channel instead rather than using other people to play it, or just take the hit song as mere backsound. I think that is an acceptable reason why so many people dislike it.

People Competing to Make Their Own Rewind

After the many criticisms and dissatisfaction of the viewers towards Youtube Rewind 2018, there are now many Youtube channels that make their own version of Youtube Rewind. Here they show how Youtube should make this Rewind. Many people think that they forget a lot of people who actually master in Youtube sites, such as PewDiePie, Logan Paul and Shane Dawson.

Many people also make a special rewind about the content on their channel, and those videos surprisingly attract many viewers and make the other YouTubers trying to do so. In 2018, the best videos that become worldwide trending were like BTS, which is a successful Korean Boy Group in the world and get their great popularity that leads to various awards. Then there are the Baby Sharks videos that are trending, and the songs are played through 2018.

Various Trending Video Content

In addition to entertainment content, there is also content about reaction videos, or like the PewDiePie channel with the highest number of subscribers in the world. There is also about sports content, what are the spectacular events that occur in the world of sports during 2018. Even videos that hit in South Korea with the content of someone who is eating, or known as Mukbang are also trending during 2018. There are still many best Rewind videos in 2018 which are very interesting to watch that surely will make you get absorbed with the internet even more. Yet, it is better for you to try making your own Youtube channel and get a lot of money. Don’t think too much, just trying to do something you like, make it seriously. If you don’t have any skill, so you can make any comedy content video that can make people laugh and happy. It is also happy for you, and the money will come as a bonus from what you did.